Sunday, January 17, 2010

Onslaught of Talent in my mailbox

Once upon a time there was a princess who came along FFnet. She stumbled upon my humble attempt of a fan fic, and seemed to like it, so she said Hi! to me.
I said Hi! back at her, and one day she surprisingly said she wanted to send me a few items from her shop. I was like, Why...what? Shop? What shop?
So I went there and... OMFG! There were the most beautiful handmade twi-spired things I'd ever seen. Fanny squeed, Artsie almost passed out, and the Button Guru felt a strong barter flash!!
In total enchantment, I ordered something customized, clicking 'add to cart' like in trance. For some reason, the sweetness that is princess Rashell a.k.a. twi-mom insisted on sending me what I ordered, plus a bunch of other wonderful things as a gift!!
Well, I think however we finally ended up in a kind of pending ButtonGuru Bartering :)

So... this innocent looking envelope was in my mailbox:

And look what miracles were in there!!

This is a beautiful charm with my name written in the unbelievable artsy Twilight alphabeth Rashell designed. Isn't it awesome? The pic does it no justice though. Damn!
Just in case anyone wonders about the 't', and what's it to do with Twilight... they are forks! Forks! Get it? Yeah, right... :)

Here's another one. God, I almost jizzed my pants... handmade!!! Y'all know I'm a sucker for unique handmade stuff, right? *shivers*

And... and... here! The single letters of my name!!! *jumps up and down* All the charms are slightly transparent and furnished. I'm planning on making a long necklace...

And this?? Seriously! The penguins... so unique, such a genuine style!
They're hanging on the wall right now, properly framed. Look at them every day :) My fave is the conductor penguin with the stick (in the middle).

Gahh!! Did you think that was it? Noez!
These are temporary tatts!! With manual. I'll definitely wear the one that says 'La Tua Cantante' on my upper arm next time on stage!!

And OMG - look at this!! Lion. Lamb and Wolf bookmarks, fucking hand painted! I could hardly keep myself from drooling on them. Again, these pics don't do the beauty no justice!

Here's a close up of the wolf. *swoon* Look at the wonderful ornaments. And everything - everything! - is effing Black, White and Red!!!!! *dies*

It was the most awesomest thing in my mailbox since... I don't know when!
I showed all my gifts off wherever I went... the co-workers had to look, the hubs... and now you have to look too. LOOK!!! Awww...

Rashell's got a blog too, where she not only shows her latest works, finished and/ or in progress, but also collects other peoples's creative outbursts and beautiful handcrafted things.

Worth a visit!! And check her store at!
There's a link in my right sidebar too!!!