Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bedtime Stories

..or: In bed with Robert Pattinson, so to speak

Phew! I almost had to get myself some liquid courage before posting this. Unfortunately I am a teetolar to the core. Ok. 

! warning: video could be considered rated "R" 
if you're nit-picking !
So... before you watch, a little faq won't hurt... 
(video, embed code and else below)

What kind of video is this?
It's a little animated musicclip featuring another song of mine, called "Bedtime Stories". I am both musician and artist, so I love to do such things when I have some spare time. And ever since I had played around with my computer programs to make that animated clip for "One Wolf / Jacob's Song(which was my first experiment in animating), I was eager to improve in that. The result is still raw, since it is all handmade, pic by pic. The song is taken from my album "Do The Right Thing", by the way.

What is it about?"
Bedtime Stories" is a tender lullaby/love song. 
Imagine two enamoreds at bedtime, not willing to close their eyes and sleep, like they don't want to miss a single moment together. The line "tell me bedtime stories" is supposed to mean "seduce me", of course. When I wrote this song I tried to make it sound somewhat sexy, but ended up just sweet. Now with this clip it's getting pretty close to what I had intended in the first place.

So why is Robert Pattinson in it?
Pay attention! Didn't I just say, I wanted it to be sexy? ;-)
No, seriously: In the video I tried to illustrate just a girl's dream (that's why the guy is vanishing again and again). And since every girl seems to be dreaming of Rob these days, well... I just felt his face is the most pleasant, intense, natural and expressive face I could get to model the male character in my little story. (in the end though, the girl still has that one polaroid she took of him - so it is left to your imagination whether she's been really just dreaming or not...)

What's it about the "R" rating? 
Are you serious?
Apart from the fact that the whole scene takes place in a bed, plus dearest Rob being naked all the time... no. I mean, this is not pornographic or something. Maybe the worst part of it is that he is having a cigarette at one point. 
But just in case your 11-year-old robsessed sister is sitting next you, or your super-catholic twicrack granny is looking over your shoulder, you might want to come back later and watch the video without their company first...

Why do you apologize to Rob in the beginning?
Because I truly respect him as a incredibly gifted artist. And though I assume he has a real good sense of humour, I wanted to state that clearly. I didn't lie when I said that I admire him for his singing in the first place (his rendition of "Let me sign" is heartbreaking!). It is not his fault that he's hot too, right?

Ready then?
Click the image below to be taken to the vid in good quality.
Will open in its own tiny popup window. Enjoy! 
And please leave a comment here if you don't mind...
(Just in case the link doesn't work for some reason - after receiving encouragement from my favourite fellow Twilight blogger - it's now on youtube too.)

Want to put it on your blog or website?
No prob, I'd appreciate that. Please help yourself with the embed code below (good quality), or get another one at youtube (not so good).
(Just if you do so, be so kind as to not forget to credit. Thanks in advance!)

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Ted Casablanca: Another funeral pile lighted


Peace. Love. Twilight! said...

This is amazing, Betti! Love it! :)

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thuds...Dies!! Awesome!!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Love you guys! Thanks a lot... :)

(They're ripping me apart over at LTR. I was prepared for that.)

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Got mail from Lori whose computer is sufferin kind of senile stubbornness. She allowed me to help her out by quoting her letter.
Here it is:

"Hello Betti,  
I tried several times to leave a comment on your blog but I was getting error messages so I thought I could try it this way..  Anyway, I saw that you came by LTR after I had left a comment on your video. Actually I was quite surprised over all the negativity. I have seen some really awful uTube video's out there with bad actors and even worse wigs and those get applauded!.. and here your video was very creative and artistic with your own music & lyrics and I am so confused as to the negative responses...? It was MY fantasy. haa-haa. But seriously, I didn't even take it as it was something devoted to "Rob" personally, I took it like another acting credit for him, albeit one he's unaware of but one I still enjoyed.  You really are a talented girl! I am glad that you did respond back so now I have a chance to keep up with you on your own blog. Keep doing what you are doing, I am a fan now! ~ Lori"

Lori, you're a gem!

Anonymous said...

Oh Betti! That is just magnificent. Love the video, love the song. Your voice is amazing - throaty, rich, not like all the boring la-la-lolitas or peepsy girls or blah-blah 3 note range folksy girlies out there.

This song stuck in my head after the first hearing, which, like your comment about Patti, rarely happens to me. You are gorgeous too - you've got all the ingredients for making it big. If that is what you want, I hope it happens.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Hi Betty!
your clip is really lovely and original and I love the song. I love your black and white animations and the idea of the polaroids too. Wow ! it's really romantic and so... so very feminine isn't it ! Hope you will make more some day.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

To dorothyn: thanks for your kind words, I'm far to vain an artist to say I didn't enjoy this... :) though much too old already I'm afraid to make it big yet. Chances would be better if I WERE a 3 note range folksy girlie ;-)

To WhyIsTheRumAlwaysGone: that's a hell of a cool screenname you have!! Thank you too. I guess I will make more animated clips since I'm still practising. No more Rob videos though. They sock it to me all over the net for this one. I guess I have to do something for my reputation in the near future... ;-)

Jas said...

I really enjoyed watching this video. It was really cute...made me day dream a little bit:) Your voice is amazing. You are very talented. Keep up the amazing work:) Rob is so lovely, excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

LOL...I'm not bashing you or anything. If you're familiar with Rob's humour then this pretty much sums it up. And yes, my gift to you is a response using Rob's sound bites. That man just has the sexiest voice EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Betti, wow, I would never have imagined you were in your 40s from your pics, but I guess you are from your bio. I think we're close to the same age. Such a shame that you can only be successful if you are young. I guess there are a few exceptions, but not many.

Hey, are you on Twilight Moms? If not, you should check it out. You can be a completely Twilight/Patti obsessed fangirl there and feel perfectly normal. You don't have to be a mom (I'm not); the other two requirements are to be over 25 or married - you only have to fulfill one.

There's an active German group here:

And I'm on the Australian thread here:

Come visit us!

AngieJ said...

Betti, I think your video is amazing. I love your explanatory post, too. Don't stop putting Rob in your videos. Please!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Haha... thanks, AngieJ - I'll... uhm... think about it. ;-))

Alicia said...

WOW! This is amazing. Not only because it has Rob/Edward in it but how you put it together and the song is fab! Love every bit of it

Clare said...

Wow that was fab. The song is brilliant and as usual your drawings are great, the animations are excellent. Rob is so beautiful and you've captured him just right. Clever lady. Is there no end to your talent?? hugs Clare x