Friday, June 12, 2009

team taycob had a few questions...

Go check out Team Taycob (A really HOT site!!). Really nice girls over there, lots of interesting and funny stuff to rummage around. They interviewed  me an hour ago... or so... darn, it's 4:05 a.m. here in Germany. I should sleep now. 
But go visit them! Here's an excerpt of the interview:

Interview with Betti Gefecht, 

Artist of "One Wolf". . .

. . .And the now infamous Rob video. That's another story. Anyway, I have been talking to Betti via email for a few months now, and she offered us up a interview. So read away!


TT: When did you know music was what you wanted to do?

BG: I didn't get into music on a deliberate decision. Actually the music rather got into me.

It never had been something I WANTED to do - I just did it.

Music loved me and I simply loved it back.

For many years I did it for a living which went well but I actually hated it.

Not the music itself but everything that came with it: the record deals, the inevitable faking and affectations, the pressure, the publicity and everything around (...) Read more over at TT

Other questions were:

  • What inspired you to write "One Wolf?"
  • Working on anything new for the Twilight saga?
  • When did you start reading Twilight and which is your favorite?
  • How has music changed your life?
  • Any advice for new artists?

hysterical historical pics
1: 1978 (open air festival) the microphone is almost bigger than the girl - 2: 1982 (tv show) bad hairdo due to the 80s common bad taste. hubby Freimann in the background (he' a gorgeous musician and singer too. Check out mp3 snippets of his albums if you're curious enough) - 3: 2006 (album promo tour) rational-sized microphone at last ;-)

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