Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Listen to some blues, sung by a lucky girl

Today I had a long conversation 
with my boss.
About Twilight.

No typo... it's like I say:

About Twilight. 
With boss!
Was real fun. 

Profound questions and insights were discussed. 
Like how old Taylor Lautner is. 
And whether he gained his muscles really just in the gym, or if they might have pimped a minor with the help of some illegal substances.
We watched some Comic Con clips together.
My boss (who is female) also was wondering why Bella didn't spend more time with her parents during the wedding party in BD. She considered this to be not very realistic. 
WTF? I mean, this is about vampires and shapeshifters and such, and the thing she thinks is unrealistic is the way Bella behaves towards her parents?

On my way home I thought about my boss. 
How much I like her and enjoy working with her. She's about my age, well, in fact a littler younger than me. I know her barely a year now, but she has really grown on me - and vice versa. 
She made me her vice chief editor... I didn't want to be, but she talked me into it, saying there's noone else she trusts so much, and that it's not there were no other candidates but she really wanted ME.
We laugh a lot together, and we can talk very openly about anything.
And though we do not have any private contact at all, she is like a friend.
So there I was on my way home, still unvoluntarily smiling and thinking: I'm really lucky!

Because I remember different times.
Once I had a boss, a woman too,  who really made me sick. She was so stupid and ignorant that it hurt. I lasted six weeks before I decided to quit.
I wrote a song about her which says it all. A blues. Extremly blue blues...
This song became kind of the secret hymn of the desperate employees of my company. You could hear them humming the melody on every given day, without words of course. 
Everybody knew it, apart from my bad former she-boss... LOL!

Check it out! If you're not as lucky as I am and you don't like your boss (it's very common - you can google it!), you might find it's the story of your life...

Betti Gefecht: "My Bad Former She-Boss"

From the album DO THE RIGHT THING


Mrs. Robward said...

Hey Twitter-Sista, I love the sexiness of your voice, it is really HAWT!

I have had a few bad female bosses too.

Bad Boss + Female + PMS = FAIL

later, Stacy
aka Mrs.Robward

Call of Duty Widow said...

Great song Betti. Thank god it was in English, me no speaka the German. I can tell you that the more females that you work with, the worse the environment gets. We finally hired a few more guys and I can't wait until they start. Too much estrogen in this lab!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

LOL. In my company, there's only two males - and one of them is gay...

Fire Crotch said...

Finally...no more streaming jail...I really like this song. I would never have guessed that you were German! Oh, and I second COD Widow's opinion about too many women together is a bad work situation. And, it's awesome that you have a cool boss now, yay!

ApplesnFeathers--Susie said...

Love this song! And I am blessed to have it on CD!