Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random. Betti. Music. History.

Sorting old photographs is a funny thing.
Well, it was for me when I did... I wasn't really aware of 
how many bad hair days one can have in a single 
lifetime - it's fascinating. 
Anyway - I don't want to bother you with my past private 
disasters. But I felt like sharing some of my public ones.
I actually had my first appearance on a public stage 
at the age of nine. Honestly, no school production or else: 
Me. Guitar. Club. Concert. 
Unfortunately undocumented... so this starts age 16.

The real fun though is to say: "Look, no hands!"
I play several instruments - guitar, piano, drums, flutes - but 
do I like it? Nah... can I please have a band? 
And a stage big enough to perform my ass off... running, 
jumping, dancing? Thanks! 
The pics below are all "nowadays"...


Anonymous said...

Damn, you're hot!! ;) Love the photo retrospective - so neat to see your musical history! Although I don't think you're much older than me, can I still be you when I grow up? :)

uhyesplease said...

Seriously - how gorgeous are you!!! I love how multi-talented you are and yet you're so understated about it!

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I said it many times before and this post just prove me right again, Betti you are hot and beautiful. Do I need a red carpet in November? :)

The video "do the right thing" is actually really great.

But 2 more things: Betti in black looks uhmm weird, blond is better. And the 80s hair is priceless, the only good thing is that all the other ladies back in the 80s looked the same way... What was wrong with that time???

One Pushy Fox said...

All I can say is you shouldn't be expecting second hand embarrassment for another 20're just that hot!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Thanks for your encouragement, all you sweeties! I'm quite determined to just stop when it's time to stop. LOL... I will NOT announce my last farewell tour five years in a row like Tina Turner. *wink*

cutie said...

There is one thing I've learned after being a band wife for years, there is ALWAYS a band and there is ALWAYS a stage to play on. Age means zip. It's the passion for the music and the NEED (not the desire but the NEED) to perform it. I hope you NEVER have a farewell tour. It would be a damn shame.

And I am sooo digging the eighties. *wink*

Bitches said...

I must're quite the hot piece of ass! hehe I have to agree with Mrs. V, I like you best with blonde hair. You're also no-where NEAR your "date of expiry." You have many many years left! : D

Smuttier Than You said...

Love the pictorial biography!! And you are smoking hot!! But the best part about it is the expression on your face when you are performing, you really are at home and in the zone on stage. Keep on keeping on :) XOXO

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Geeeze girls... I love u all!!

But dammit, Cutie! If I'd know your hubs is a musician too, I surely would have put a lil more effort in my singing telegram... *shakes head*

And Smutty you got it straight: yes it's home to me.
And I think, I'll just keep on movin' movin' movin'... LOL!

Fire Crotch said...

If we were playing do, dump, or marry, I'd do you. You're hot, but we all know that already. Love the pics! It's always fun looking back...but no second-hand embarrassment for worries!

itsjustme said...

Damn girl, you work it! I'm not sure I know what you mean about past your date of expiry. Hell, you don't look a day over 25. What's age, but a number anyway?