Monday, September 14, 2009


"New Moon" Movie Trailer III, at minute 1:08
Hello, Monsieur Desplat...

... and hello, goose bumps!

Did anyone notice? 
The trailer starts with the familiar score of Carter Burwell. 
Which is good because it makes us feel at home. 
But then, when Bella - oops! No spoilers!! 
Ok, I try again: 

But then, at 1:08 the vibe and feel changes... 
smoothly... but you feel it.

First the strings, so sad, so touching - I knew immediately: here comes the frenchman!
And then through the next scenes, the orchestra joines in - strong, dramatical, heartbeat accelerating.
And at last the sacral choirs on top of it - breathtaking! 
And all the way, the theme stays the same... it is just building. 
And building. 

Even this short excerpt of what is to come breathes the depth of a long cultural/musical history of Europe, which hits a nerve within me instantly.

I know right now I will buy the score for sure. 
Thanks, Alexandre Desplat, for not disappointing me!

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Just for the record: I DID like Carter Burwell's score, 
including his idea of Bella's Lullaby.
In a comment to the above blogpost about Alexandre Desplat, I wrote:

To answer your question, I suppose you mean 
whether Bella's Lullaby matches the description given in the book?
I honestly think, it doesn't.
While the melody quite has that little edgy course one could expect, 
it is lacking the complexitiy of different woven layers and conflicting themes 
as described by Stephenie Meyer.
Burwell kept it very simple, or at least Paul Murtha, the arranger did. 
It's a beautiful, uncommon and haunting melody, nontheless. 
And I think Carter Burwell did an excellent job with the Twilight score overall .
His music was definitely an upgrade to the movie.


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh I remember this was a answer of my question! This was an early post right in the beginning of our Twi-love :) I´m excited to hear his music, since I didn´t see this trailer yet !

The Teaserbunny :)

Annie said...

I also like the music, the way it changes halfway through the trailer. As if to signal, hey, there's a new kid in town (and I think this goes for both the director and the musical composer). But I was excited to hear the old composition in the beginning of the trailer -- it made me all nostalgic and shizz.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ Mrs. Vanquish
Yes, it was your question... seems sooo long ago, but isn't. I think I didn't even know then you were German too. And now? Jst a few more weeks til I'll meet you in person - WOOT!

@ Annie
You're right! And Chris Weitz and Alexandre Desplat are my personal heroes of the moment! And no matter how often I watch that friggin' trailer, I almost beshit myself each and every time - LOL!

Anonymous said...

haven't seen the trailer.. not gonna.. NO IM NOT! I mean it! *sticks fingers in ears* la la la *stomps feet* NO! I mean it! NO!

okay.. now..

I liked the twilight Score.. Even if I thought the movie was mediocre. Sorry but thats how i felt. they could have done so much more w/ the movie. NM is promising 2 be sooooooo much better..

I read all about the work it took
Carter Burwell to complete the twilight score. I'm nothing short of impressed by talented artists..

I look forward to hearing the music in NM..I'm on pins and needles for it!