Monday, September 07, 2009

BFF, twi-fected!

About three things I was absolutely positive. 
First, Sille was my BFF. 
Second, there was a part of her, 
and I didn't know how dominant that part might be, 
that thirsted for the content of my bookshelf. 
And third, she was unconditionally and irrevocably twi-fected.

So yes... it worked. 
I went on vacation with my BFF Sille, one beautiful week on Mallorca. I had promised to bring the book for her - she's a glutton for books and I couldn't believe she never read Twilight. So here was the occasion. And like I had expected... she loved it!

When we taste Twilight, a kind of frenzy begins. 
And it's almost impossible to stop.
I did not expect though that she would make it through the first volume within three days. 
The book was like glued to her, she would only put it aside to adress her basic physical needs like eating or... uhm... having a human minute. 

Sille in the sunlight was shocking.
On the beach, she used to wear her sunglasses above her reading specs - which made her look like a house fly. I observed her reading progress with delight but also growing concern. And then, on the third day the sighs and giggles and little excited noises stopped, and with one last almost sob-like sigh she closed the book.
That was when trouble stepped out from behind the palmtree and grinned.

Is it not enough to have three long, happy days with Edward? 
My BFF Sille had that look in her eyes, her mind chanting so loud I could almost hear it: "More! I want MORE!!" Do I have to mention that I didn't bring New Moon with me? Oh, boy...!

She had an adrenaline rush. 
It's very common. You can google it.
The next day was officially pronounced hunting day. 
We were searching each and every bookstore for my BFF's new personal brand of heroin - without success. Oh, there was spanish heroin, and english heroin. But Sille doesn't speak neither one nor the other language well enough... she was almost out of her mind. Her eyes went black with hunger, her hands crumbled into claws and I could hardly keep her from strangling the salesgirl in the last bookstore when all hope was gone.

You don't know how it's tortured me...
I almost had forgotten HOW addictive this really is for a Twilight beginner. 
I felt pity for my BFF. But at the same time I envied her, because all the beautiful things of the Twilight universe still lay before her, yet unexplored... the next volumes of the books, the first movie, followed by the second in a reasonable period of time (!), the wonderment of the internet. I wished I could be a Twilight virgin again too... 
.....nah! Not really!

I feel very protective of her...
...and I'm cheerfully looking forward now to accompany and guide Sille through her next steps. Watching the DVD together, take her to the New Moon movie, maybe check for some German fan fiction... it's gonna be so much fun!


uhyesplease said...

It's so fuuun twifecting your friends! I had to wait for New Moon too - it was sold out and I tried 2 different stores in rural Illinois! Oh well - so I just read Twilight like 3 times in a row instead. was so good.

I can't wait to hear what Sille (such a pretty name!) thinks of the movie and if she's gonna lust after RPattz like all us crazies.

So glad you're back! I missed you!!!

Mrs. Robward said...

Oh Betti, spreading the Twi around like a bong at a partee....wait.. did I just say that out loud?

"Say it, Out loud" LOL

The bong reference was due to my latest Fic overload sorry =]

Glad ur vacation was the wonderment & we all would lurve to have a RL bestie be come Twi-fected, so u dear r a lucky 1!

Glad ur back

Mrs. Robward

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!! Congratulations to your friend for joining our infected community :) Are we going to have to start translating Twific for her, too?

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ uhyesplease
Fun it is indeed. I have infected five RL entities so far, but noone ever showed so much child-like enthusiasm like Sille. It was pure bliss! :)

@ MrsRobward
We're all like these these typical drug addicts who always want to drag others to the dark side too. And just like them we feel both guilty and cheerful at the same time when we succeed. We're beyond help...

@ fragilelittlehuman
Translating Twific would be for the benefit of mankind... oh yes. Especially b/c I'm quite sure there's no such brilliant authorship among the German fans as I have encountered so far here... *wink at FLH* *wink at my sissy too* *winkwink*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

You did it! Great! *waves* at Sille:

German on:

Huhu sille, Willkommen in der wunderbaren Twilight Welt! Ich bin gespannt welches der Bücher dir am besten gefallen wird und wie dir letztendlich der Film gefällt!

German off:

Ha Betti, does that mean you will not come to Munich to the NM premier, since you now have a BFF to go with???

Again, I love the post :-)

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ MrsVanquish
Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me???
I will sooo come to Munich, no matter what!
I will take Sille to a German NM movie.
But you and me we will relish da real thing, right?

Pushy Fox said...

Betti, I'm so jealous, I don't have a single infected friend. My BFF who introduced me to the books is not nearly as obsesses as me....perhaps that is why I spend so much time with you lovely ladies! Glad you've made another conquest!!

Fire Crotch said...

Betti, this post is hilarious! But, seriously, I can't believe you didn't bring New Moon! You are a bad bestie! My mom is clamoring for Eclipse since she gobbled up Twilight and New Moon 2 weeks ago on vacation. Good thing she is going on vacation again in a couple of weeks so she can finish the saga!

cutie said...

LOVE IT!! Truly, excellent post, Betti. One thing:

I wish I could be a Twilight virgin again too....

*grins evilly* Stop your spoiler whore ways and you can.

*walks away whistling*

half_my_self said...

Betti - how did you do it? I've been trying to Twi-fect my RL BFFs since January!

What a witty post! I thoroughly enjoyed the book references! :)


Anonymous said...

I swear.. I could feel her pain while reading this. I know that pain! I went to the store at 2am one night hunting for eclipse and when they didnt have it I really considered driving 45 minutes away to another 24 hour store to see if they had it. I was on the hunt. I needed that fucking book like I needed oxygen and nicotine! It's so hard.. So very very hard.. *gasp* the pain is welling back up in my chest. *pulls hair* Make the flashbacks stop!!!!