Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twilight Animated Button No 34

Is this the last one? Really??
I think so... all promises fulfilled. Anyone left out? 
If so, let me know...
My Twilife
bloggy friend: My Twilife
pivotal point: obviously... um, Twilight?
I'm sorry you had to wait so very long for this.
Hope you like it nonetheless.
I guess both the quote and the pic I used will never grow old... right?
From now on, if you folks need the Button Guru to make a button for your blog, fan fic or whatever, I might or might not do it - just as the whim takes me.
I'd like to encourage you to ask though! I'm always up for a good bartering. 
Or I might like the purpose, love a special blog or adore a fan fic or else so much that I WANT to make a button... who knows?

Growing gallery of animated Twi-buttons:


My Twilife said...

Thank you so much Betti for my lovely button! Obviously LOVE the pic as it is on my header! And the of my favorites! *Mwah*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

All your buttons are so well thought and I can´t imagine how much time it always costs you to make these buttons.
And, I love every one of them! It is a bit sad that you won´t do these buttons anymore so often, but I´m glad that you are back on actually writing.

I might try to find something to make you do a new buttons, maybe I have to write FanFic, or start a new bog and beg for one?


Well done, Button Guru !

Pushy Fox said...

Great job, yet again, Betti!!! I love these buttons, too, and I'm sorry you won't be doing them on a regular basis, but I totally understand how you could need a break from them!

uhyesplease said...

I love it too - def one of my favorite quotes!

So, now that you're not making buttons, what will you do to fill your spare time? are you gonna write some ff??? Um, maybe something in German for your bff, and then translate to English for the rest of us to enjoy? Hmmmmmm?

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ mytwilife
You're welcome!

@ Mrs.V
...oh please, don't beg! I couldn't probably resist my twiancé begging...

@ Pushy Fox
Feels good to have a break. I was actually running out of ideas lately to be honest.

@ uhyesplease
What do you mean, spare time? What spare time? What is that anyway? Spare time? Did I miss something? LOL...

Anonymous said...

The button is lovely! Great work, as always!

Snarcastic M said...

Wow! You are very talented and creative! I love all your buttons!!!

Whitley said...

Oh Betti! You are a freakin' genius and I love every single button you have made! You are so freakin' talented :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie here and I love all the things you do....I love the animated music videos Bedtime Stories and One Wolf. You have an AWESOME voice. I was mesmerized by Bedtime Stories. I love, love, love your buttons! They are so creative.

I think Fanny & Artsie are GREAT! I love reading anything they have to say.