Monday, September 14, 2009

Twilight Animated Button No 32

Wondering already whether the Button Guru has died? 
Nah... still alive and keeping promises. 
Next in line is My Twilife btw.
bloggy friend: Twilightholic
pivotal point: Embracing Twilight as it is

Whenever I check this blog I would find nothing but 
pure and unconditional love for Twilight, the movie and the cast. 
No Robporn, no rambling, no paps, no team this or that. Just Twilight. 
This blog is like an innocent child, embracing the whole thing 
without questioning anything - but basking blissfully in what is there. 
So sweet...
So I put my usually naughty humor aside for a change
and made it pure.

Growing gallery of animated Twi-buttons: 


Annie said...

So pretty! Glad to see the "Button Guru" is still alive and well. :D

Pushy Fox said...

Great button, as always! I love going to IHMC or SSTB or Twitarded and seeing all of your buttons blinking and ironing and whatevering. They're so great!!!

cutie said...

Wait?! You make buttons?! Really???


Great button as always!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh I didn´t know there are still buttons left! But anyway, I love your buttons and your other banners:)

And it makes me always see new pages I´ve never seen before, like the Twilightolics, but this is a spoiler site... I had to go away.. I´m so sorry!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Annie, Foxy, Cutie & Mrs V -
thanks for stopping by, it always makes me want to sing! :)

Yes, the button guru (name © by Annie) is still alive and kickin' - just kickin' in slomo now...
And there are still some promised buttons in queue.

Foxy, you have NO IDEA - I get really thrilled every time I visit other blogs and see my buttons on them. I tend to forget they are there - LOL.
But I love the fact that I do leave a visible trace in twi-blogland...
(did you know that your screen name makes me want to make a button for you? Just like that. It's tempting...)

Mrs. Robward said...

Wow! I see ur r still making buttons! go figure!

They are beautiful as always!

*hug* =]


(my word verrification is "hoecuss" get HO Cuss! lol) @@

Twilightholic said...

thanks sooo uch for the button!!!love it!you girl rock!none could make a better button for us...