Monday, December 06, 2010


Your True Colors is nominated for Original Character Awards in two categories. Best RPF and Best Wishful Thinking. VOTING IS ON!!! So if you'd like you can vote for Annie and Kiddo HERE.

You can also show some love for "Little Green and Easybella", my Cherry Exchange entry. VOTING IS ON!!! (end Dec 15th). If you like Kiddo, you will LOVE Little Green, I promise... if you want to give the sweet boy your vote, you can do it HERE.

The Southern Fan Fiction Review is hosting lovely lemonicious one shots by different talented and some really popular authors for each day of December until Christmas. The only requirements for the writers were 1. Christmas, 2. Edward, 3. Penetration... no matter who penetrates who, LOL!
Mine will be up on Dec 8th there (as well as on ffnet, since the SFFR replaces them after one day to feature the next). Here's a teaser banner ;-)

I wrote a sweet little fun one shot, together with my bestie Uhyesplease, for the I'm With The Band contest. And guess what? WE WON!! Judges Pick!! Unanimously!!! *dances*
The titel is "Good Vibrations". Here's the banner I made for it...

and here's the winning banner we received. I hope you enjoy... :)

Love you guys!!!! MWAH, Betti

Friday, November 05, 2010

I feel the love...

Last night I had fun listening to the announcement of the Fandom People Award results on blog radio. Not only did I score the Visual Innovation Award for the most creative banner, they also pronounced my name right, yay! :)

It was once again my animated, i.e. self-tattooing banner for Hunterhunting's Clipped Wings & Inked Armor that made it.

I also made "All Stars" in other art categories which means I was nominated often enough to make it to the voting rounds, but hey - we all know there's only one true Rose Arcadia (who has a damn sexy voice btw). Congrats, BB!!

This one makes me especially happy: All Star Reviewer, which means I was nominated more than six times for giving insightful reviews!! Love that!

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted, who ever you are. I felt the love. And thanks to the twific pimp girls who made this great effort to spread positive vibes when fandom needed them most. For the fun and the love :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Master of the Universe Tribute Song

So 'Master of the Universe' by Snowqueens Icedragon had its anniversary. Here's my own little tribute to it. "Fifty Shades", a MotU theme song of sorts. Enjoy.

(MP3 Download available HERE)

Quick to be angered
Hard to please
Hot and cold and bittersweet
Everything about him
Makes me weak in the knees
And yet I'm still on my feet
Cuz when he shifts his way
From bright to moody
It's just one of the fifty shades
Of his Beauty

Some call him master
Some call him a mess
Sometimes it hurts
Sometimes I want it faster
Sometimes I want less
Love comes in spurts (little spurts)
Because the gift he makes me
Is a treasure
He gives me fifty shades
Of pleasure

Doubt swiftly fades
Here's my confession:
(Goddess to god, inner goddess calling)
I crave his fifty shades
Of love and passion

Fifty shades of love...

Monday, August 09, 2010

I haz a new blog...

...cuz it was about time. I did so many banners and illustrations for fan fics, contests and original stories. So I needed a place to collect them.
Here's the new gallery. And yes - I still barter!! You'll find the rules there too. Enjoy!

...aaaand my latest strike, an illustration for a yet unpublished/untitled original fic. Made for my FGB auction winner (click to see full size):

Friday, August 06, 2010

Sometimes I just can't help it...

...and I just have to make a banner because I fall in love with a fic.
For all that's worth - READ THIS!!!

(banner embiggens on click, btw...)

Nuff said...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

...and now the moon...

(UPDATE 8/9/2010: Andnowthemoon's ffnet pages are currently unavailable, but will return soon. I'll let you know then!)
"have you noticed you can make the name renesmee from the letters in stephenie meyer? you're left with hepity and piyeth. imagine if renesmee had had sisters..."

The above is the, uhm... 'summary' of the one-shot Gossip Gurl by the amazingly talented andnowthemoon, who has written 49 (!) stories for Twilight, Star Trek: 2009, and Merlin - and that is only under THIS penname. (yep - there are others)

I just noticed that most of her other stories' summaries just say: "Please read." I strongly second that!! STRONGLY!!!
Never, NEVER AGAIN, do I want to hear anyone whine about what fic to read next, or about desperately needing recc's. Just go to this girl's profile and read away.

I'll just recommend 2 out of 49 here, k?

One-shot written for the Black Balloon Contest.
A masterpiece of angst, beautifully written. You will feel it.... all of it - the love, the joy, the fear, the loss... don't be scared to let this story go under your skin and take you back to when you were young and ruled by your heart.

Entertaining AH Bella x Edward multi-chapter fic,
with some fuckhawt Jasper thrown in for good measurement. 19 chapters so far, easy to catch up – and you won't be disappointed by naugty Popstar Bella and astute SweetWard. And yeah, it's about music.

Speaking of...
Andnowthemoon is a songwriter/musician/singer too!!!
And though that talent of hers seems to run a bit under the radar (internet-wise, at least), I'm happy to make her shine here on my blog with the utterly enchanting song "Your Own Rainbow". She wrote it, inspired by my own story "Your True Colors" (GASP! IKR?? How lucky am I???), and recorded it and sent it to me.

How could I not make a video for it to show andnowthemoon's awesomeness??
And psssst... you might find some more of her original songs and recordings on her myspace, just saying... yes she is girltaminglions, too. Also on twitter...

End of pimpage,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yet another Banner...

Another happy Button Guru bartering!!!

This is what I made...
(story links: Saints Who... and Now I lay me...)

And this is what I get, only mine is black with yellow eyes :)
(Made for me by squibstitcher. Guess what? She writes fic too! Check out Virulent - a tough one. Or Learning To Fly.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jacob's Song Embed Code Fixed

Uhm... someone pointed out to me that the Embed Code for my music vid "One Wolf/Jacob's Song" which I provided in THIS POSTING, didn't work.
Ok - just wanted you to know: I fixed it!! Embed away...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yet Another Contest Banner

*wipes forehead*

I know, I know... are y'all sick and tired of my frantic bannermaking yet?
Well - I'm not, to be honest. I love it!
And people keep asking me for banners, so... yeah, here is another one, for the BEYOND THE PALE Contest. (as usual, embiggens on clickery)

But hey - just a reminder... I am still a musician in the first place. And oh yes, I write fan fic too. LOL. Remember? But given that I was known as the crazy Rob-stalking Lady with the dagger a year ago, I will certainly not complain to be known as the banner-chick now. Um-mm. :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The cuuuuutest fic ever!!!!!

OMG... you MUST read (and review, for crying out loud!!!)

Date Nite by 7 yr old Morgan, uploaded on ffnet by her mom Aleighy.
It's a quick read - I promise! *giggles insanely*
I couldn't help but make a banner for this unbelievable cuteness.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Seven Winning Story Banners

Here they are, fresh and still steaming...
the banners for the winners of the Obsession Contest.

Instead of just making standard award banners for everyone, I decided to create individual story banners, because I believe that outstanding achievements in a competition deserve a real prize. And because, well... it's me, Betti a.k.a. the Button Guru, so... you know me - it's the way I roll! :)

Congratulations, winners, and I hope you enjoy this little extra treat.
The banners embiggen if you click on them. And there's a story link provided with each banner. Go and read, folks, or you'll be missing out!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Look at this - gah! *fistpump* Yeah!!!

You can still read all of the contest entries in the Obsession Contest C2.

Personal recommendation:
Especially one story that didn't make it into the open voting, is definitely a winner in my book, because it's well-written, courageous and heartbreakingly real, is Tora Tora Tora by erikasbuddy. Not for the faint of heart... but life isn't all sunshine, right? Read!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks...
to the organizers of this contest - Lambcullen, the amazing dihenydd, LaraCFF, Sweetp-1, Summer35 and Mrs.Robward - and thanks to all the talented writers who entered.
I truly enjoyed being part of it!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Oneshot "UP.SIDE.DOWN."

My entry for the Obsession Contest:

(Banner embiggens... clickclick)

Summary: Singer Bella Swan needs a pianist.
Vampire Edward Cullen auditions for the job.
We all know, three days are enough to change...
Don't we?

Rated M for language, lemons and leeches...


Oh, and I'm nominated for the Shimmer Awards for "Your True Colors" in two categories (Fragile Award for best AH, and underdog Award for best new author), as well as for two of my banners in the Painter Award category. Voting starts June 27th.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My pleasure, lambcullen (new banner)

I had the pleasure to make a banner for one of my fave dark stories by the incomparable Lambcullen, The stunning story is "Dark Possession", which started out as a oneshot, but will be continued soon.
It's not for the faint of heart...
(click on banner to see full size)

The pic below is a side-product, sort of. I use to create the single elements for my banners this way. Usually I would trash them as soon as the finished banner is approved by its receiver. This one though turned out so nice that I gave it to Lambcullen too, as an additional treat. :)

Once again, this bannermaking was due to a bartering with the lovely Maylin.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New animated banner

Of course, this fic had been recc'd to me over and over again, but first I refused to read it at, cuz it had been reported and due to that, was mutilated over there. A no-go. The I refused to read it a, cuz... well... cuz it's effing! A no-go. Finally, my very own and sweet fangirl Sandy the Sandstorm pointed out the blog to me.
Score! I made it through the 85 (!) chapters in two days. Yep. That bad.... 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Artsie & Fanny publish Onepushyfox

"Don't we all wish Ms. Meyer hadn't faded to black out there in Isle Esme?"
(Dec 14th, Onepushyfox)

Once upon a time a certain crazy fangirl sat down
and wrote a certain letter to a certain fan fic author...
Fanny, Betti's average inner fangirl, didn't know then that her would actually come true, but it did!
To the present day - which happens to be certain fan fic author's birthday - Fanny is still elated with finally having the most missed piece of Breaking Dawn.

Oh, by the way...


Since certain fan fic author claimed it's not her part to publish it
because she wrote that precious piece as a personal gift,
Betti, Artsie and Fanny decided to be her publishers today,
in honor of Onepushyfox's birthday and her crazy canon writing skillz!
Oh, and they made her a story banner, too - it's yours, Pushy!!!

If you're grown up and woman enough to deal with it,
hold on to your hearts and panties, click the link and swoon about
Edward's and Bella's wedding night.
And leave a comment, cuz Pushy is awesomesauce!!

If you're under 18, sorry... go away! Now!

  • Title: "Anything's Possible"
  • Author: onepushyfox
  • Genre: romance/supernatural
  • Centered around: Bella & Edward (BD canon)
  • Rated M: content suitable for adults
  • Status: Finished / one-shot

Here's what Artsie and Fanny (and Betti) had to say...

Fanny: Oh my dearest Pushy!!!
As I already told the world on twitter, you made me one of the mostest awesomestetst presents ever!!! And you even wrote it EPOV!!!! I love EPOV!!! And thankfully, you didn't switch to BPOV once!!! I wouldn't want to add or change or 'improve' anything... I just love it!!

Artsie: Wait, I... no. I think we should talk about this first. I mean, there's always room for improvement, right?

Fanny: Oh shut up!! This is the fulfillment of my most secret dreams! Don't you dare spoil it with your nagging and nitpicking, Don't you ever get tired of being such a pain in the ass?!?

Betti: Uhm... girls, please calm down. See - onepushyfox is here, so please behave, ok?

Fanny: Onepushyfox is here??? Pushy??? Are you here??? *waves enthusiastically* I love you, Pushy, thank you soooo much for this!!! Not in my wildest dreams I would ever... oh my God, you really did it!!!! I read it and I am died!!!! I love you!!!!

Artsie: *rolls eyes* It wasn't bad.

Betti: Didn't you like it, Artsie?

Artsie: You know, I don't really get this Twilight fuzz at all, and I can't see why people would write even more Twilight stuff. But apart from that... isn't it weird how Edward gets over all this worrying and just enjoys the.. his... I mean... you know?

Fanny: Oh Artsie, didn't you pay attention?! Didn't you read BD? It comes back to him double and triple and fantastillioniple the next morning! But Bella wakes up in total bliss and has no idea... which wouldn't be possible if she had noticed any restraints or worrys on Edward's behalf. So it is perfect!!! Just like I knew it would be when Pushy writes it... *smiles widely at Pushy*

Betti: I agree, Fanny. And the moment when the pillows died just cracked me up. I always wondered on which exact occasion during their lovemaking Edward would have ruined the pillows. I pictured him on top of Bella, and the sinking his teeth next to her head into the pillow under her... but it was weird. How could Bella not notice the feather disaster when it happened right next to her face??? But in Pushy's scenarion, her head is uhm... elsewhere. Too funny!!! I like it.

Fanny: Yes, yes... and I always wondered about the midnight swim... but now it's all explained. Alice had seen it, and...oh... one thing leads to the other and... oh... *swoons*

Artsie: I just like Edward more tortured, that's all.

Fanny: You! You don't like Edward at all, tortured or not. Hey, Betti, and did you notice how Pushy varied what Emmet originally said to Edward when he was worried about killing the new girl in school? This you either kill her or not thing? *giggles* Cool, hu?

Betti: Yes, very cool! I really can't think of anything I would want to change about that story. I'm just glowing inside with happiness. I was so surprised she actually wrote it, and remembered your little letter to her.

Artsie: If I had known, it works that way, I might have written a little letter too.

Betti: Oh really? What would you have wished for?

Artsie: I would have asked Pushy to re-write the whole Twilight series. Maybe it would turn out to be a good book eventually...

Fanny: Yeah... uhm, ok. Anyway, Pushy, I thank you soooo much for your wonderful christmas surprise. If you want to publish it, I would love to show you the magnitude of my thankfulness by making a banner for that story!!! Oh, you can of course ask Betti too, if you'd prefer her art. It's up to you, ok? WOOT!!
Personal note from Betti: Of course, I did NOT allow Fanny to make
another banner, to safe everybody from the need to bleach their eyes!
Her one banner for "I Favor Fire" was already one to much... GAHHH!
Do y'all remember this?
Betti: Yes, Pushy, a heartfelt thanks from all three of us! Right, Artsie? *narrows eyes at her*

Artsie: Yes, we feel very honored that you thought of us in such a lovely way. Thank you!

Betti: There you are!
- - - - -

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How about romance?
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