Monday, December 06, 2010


Your True Colors is nominated for Original Character Awards in two categories. Best RPF and Best Wishful Thinking. VOTING IS ON!!! So if you'd like you can vote for Annie and Kiddo HERE.

You can also show some love for "Little Green and Easybella", my Cherry Exchange entry. VOTING IS ON!!! (end Dec 15th). If you like Kiddo, you will LOVE Little Green, I promise... if you want to give the sweet boy your vote, you can do it HERE.

The Southern Fan Fiction Review is hosting lovely lemonicious one shots by different talented and some really popular authors for each day of December until Christmas. The only requirements for the writers were 1. Christmas, 2. Edward, 3. Penetration... no matter who penetrates who, LOL!
Mine will be up on Dec 8th there (as well as on ffnet, since the SFFR replaces them after one day to feature the next). Here's a teaser banner ;-)

I wrote a sweet little fun one shot, together with my bestie Uhyesplease, for the I'm With The Band contest. And guess what? WE WON!! Judges Pick!! Unanimously!!! *dances*
The titel is "Good Vibrations". Here's the banner I made for it...

and here's the winning banner we received. I hope you enjoy... :)

Love you guys!!!! MWAH, Betti

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