Thursday, July 30, 2009

Secret Twilight button No 27 revealed

No 27 - super size, super secret button

bloggy friend: Marie
pivotal point: not blogging, but posting

Dear Marie,
Just because you're driving a rental car instead of your own vehicle,
doesn't mean you're not one hell of a cruiser.
So just in case you get pulled over by the blogway patrol,
you should be able to establish your identity as the kick-ass guest poster you are.
So here's your driver license - validity not to be contested!
Don't say anything. Just be surprised.
Thanks to Cutie from Super Secret Twilight Blog for all too willingly taking part in this conspiracy.
Betti :-)

Next in line are: Alicia, EtomyBUndercover Twilighter and Twilightaholics.
Be prepared to expect the unexpected!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twilight animated button No 26

I know I promised to make the buttons for my followers one by one as they come. But since I already knew what to do with this one (while I am still musing about the others), it made no sense to delay it. My apologies for shifting the sequence, but you see, done is done - now this one's out of my head, which means there are more brain cells again working on cool ideas for the next buttons. So lucky EoA, you've been queue-jumped... so to speak:

No 26 - gold-framed amber button (no red, for once)

bloggy friend: eyes of  amber
pivotal point: eyes of amber, I daresay

Well I guess this button is no big surprise (I've been occasinally more witty, admittedly). But your blogname is so distinct, there wasn't really any other option. I did my very best to make it special, though: 
1. These eyes are really Rob's, to start with - I thought, this was essential. 
2. I couldn't add my favourite solitaire red to this one - we want it veggie style, don't we? So yeah... amber/gold
3. Used anything I could get out of this pair of Cullen-eyes: they open and close, they move, they change color, they reflect... did I leave something out? Dunno... but I hope you're dazzled anyway...

Next in line are: Alicia, EtomyB and Undercover Twilighter.
Be prepared to expect the unexpected!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Listen to some blues, sung by a lucky girl

Today I had a long conversation 
with my boss.
About Twilight.

No typo... it's like I say:

About Twilight. 
With boss!
Was real fun. 

Profound questions and insights were discussed. 
Like how old Taylor Lautner is. 
And whether he gained his muscles really just in the gym, or if they might have pimped a minor with the help of some illegal substances.
We watched some Comic Con clips together.
My boss (who is female) also was wondering why Bella didn't spend more time with her parents during the wedding party in BD. She considered this to be not very realistic. 
WTF? I mean, this is about vampires and shapeshifters and such, and the thing she thinks is unrealistic is the way Bella behaves towards her parents?

On my way home I thought about my boss. 
How much I like her and enjoy working with her. She's about my age, well, in fact a littler younger than me. I know her barely a year now, but she has really grown on me - and vice versa. 
She made me her vice chief editor... I didn't want to be, but she talked me into it, saying there's noone else she trusts so much, and that it's not there were no other candidates but she really wanted ME.
We laugh a lot together, and we can talk very openly about anything.
And though we do not have any private contact at all, she is like a friend.
So there I was on my way home, still unvoluntarily smiling and thinking: I'm really lucky!

Because I remember different times.
Once I had a boss, a woman too,  who really made me sick. She was so stupid and ignorant that it hurt. I lasted six weeks before I decided to quit.
I wrote a song about her which says it all. A blues. Extremly blue blues...
This song became kind of the secret hymn of the desperate employees of my company. You could hear them humming the melody on every given day, without words of course. 
Everybody knew it, apart from my bad former she-boss... LOL!

Check it out! If you're not as lucky as I am and you don't like your boss (it's very common - you can google it!), you might find it's the story of your life...

Betti Gefecht: "My Bad Former She-Boss"

From the album DO THE RIGHT THING

Twilight animated button No 25

No 25 - a selp-helf-button for the nitty-gritty...

bloggy friend: the wives themselves
pivotal point: they feel protective of their hubbies

So you ladies started a Twilight blog because your husbands don't sparkle, huh? Lame excuse, I say! 
With "Twidiculous Sparkle Gel", every woman can now have her very own homemade, shiny marble-chested sexgod in next to no time. Fragrant, pleasant to the skin and allergy-screened. 
Don't hesitate, order now!!!
(...and I'm pretty sure you'll find some other reasons for blogging...)

Next in line are: Alicia, EtomyBEyes of Amber and Undercover Twilighter. 
Be prepared to expect the unexpected!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twilight animated button No 24

Quick note: My blogger dashboard says, there are two new followers. But I can't see who they are because bloody blogger refuses to display any followers at all. I even don't know who's next in line with receiving a button. So more patience please, everyone. It's not my fault. Once Blogger decides to cooperate again, I'll catch up. 

I edited the above today, July27th, because blogger is all better now, and I can see my beloved followers again in all their glory. Yikes! 
Next in line are: Twidiculous Wives, Alicia, EtomyB and Eyes of Amber
And Undercover Twilighter *sigh* (added June 28th). Anyway:
Be prepared to expect the unexpected!

But for now, here is...
...No 24 - a button for eternety!

bloggy friend: Whitley
pivotal point: a touch of testosterone

The header subline says: "Yet Another Twilight Blog". 
Well, it's not THAT easy, Whitley! 
You commented on my blog and you were all like hey, I'm Whitley and I have a blog and it's about Twilight... 
And not a single word about that cutie, you partner in bloggy crime, Jeremy? Ts,ts,ts... 
This is not just another Twilight blog - this is a very special Twilight blog, ok? 
Even Rob is pleased that there is no bloggy hormone imbalance, for once. So he did something extraordinary male in honor of Twilog: ink on a pin, underneath the skin! Pretty painful, but he took it like a man...

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Animated Twilight button No 23

Buttoned: a letter from Rob

bloggy friend: Nellie
pivotal point: severe swooning episodes

When I checked your blog, I encountered some difficulties. Nellie! How in hell am I supposed to think of a proper button design when I'm overwhelmed with all those Rob pics?? So I took an emergency swoon stop and headed over to your myspace where I saw some photos of yourself.
OME - you're beautiful! All of a sudden I had that image of Rob/Edward writing a love letter, sayin' how much he's missing you. Thought you would most likely dig this idea...

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Dazzling Twilight Button No 22

...can one be dazzled by a button?

bloggy friend: the latchkey wife
pivotal point: a key

You will most likely say it was an accident, and that you have no idea how and when you lost your key, and it wasn't deliberately at all...
the only question the is: why haven't you called the key service yet to have your door lock exchanged for safety? Hmm? 
Yeah, right. Dropped that thing like a 18th century virgin would have done with her lace seamed kerchief! 
And although we all know Edward does'nt need a key to get in wherever he wants - it seems he is appreciating the gesture...

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Twilight animated button No 21

A button a day keeps the doctor away 
(not Dr. Cullen, of course!)

bloggy friend: the mom
pivotal point: um... the mom?

Ok, mom - this one was a little difficult... 
since you're still almost a twi-blogger virgin (just like me - LOL) and I could not get the whole picture yet just from your blog. So I thought to give a basic summary of a twi-mom's life in three acts. 
I mean, why in hell isn't it possible to just sit there peacefully for, let's say: three or four hours, reading a really important book, without disturbance?!? 
I really don't get it. Ideas, anyone?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Animated Twilight Button No 20 + new gallery!

I'm catching up...

bloggy friend: the widow herself
pivotal point: books, vampires

So your hubby loses one to five brain cells with each new level of his video game? Doesn't he know that a good book every once in a while might save his life? Not even the deadliest bloodsucking creatures have a defense for literature.

My blog is getting slow...
Somehow things got a little out of hand, it seems. 
How did I happen to make all these buttons?? It's just a month ago that I made my first animated button ever, and now look - the above is button No 20! 
A month ago I wasn't even quite aware that I can do such things, and now there's a whole collection and my blog starts groaning beneath its burden. So I thought it's time to give them a gallery of their own, and there: 

(I thank Ana Cristina from The Danger Magnet for this honorary title). 
I also added my notes and the links to the blogs in question to it. 
There are three pages so far, and it will most likely grow a little more.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Twilight animated buttons update No4

A creation of something less unequivocal...

bloggy friend: tasha 
pivotal point: emmettertainment and such

I promised you a premiere, Tasha, so there: This is the very first time one of my buttons pays tribute to a supporting role of the Twilight movie cast (...hi there, Emmett!). 
And a supportive role in your bloggy life he plays indeed, relieving you of housekeeping duties so you can spend more time blogging. Such a sweetheart, isn't he? 
That's what I call hawt ironing... or what were you thinking he's getting up to with that busy arm?

Interlude: 'New Moon' original score

Before I have to change my blog title... 
...from 'Betti. Music. Twilight.' into 'Betti. Buttons. Twilight.' - thought I'd insert a little interlude on music again. 
Look at this personable guy:

It's Alexandre Desplat, composer of the 'New Moon' original score.
As much as I liked the fragile sweetness of Carter Burwell's work on 'Twilight', I'm admittedly really excited about having Monsieur Desplat for New Moon, since I liked his music in 'The Queen', 'Girl with the Pearl Earring', 'Syriana', 'The Painted Veil' and of course 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. 

And his musical genius aside...
...he looks like a guy I'd really would like to meet. No sex bomb at all, but attractive. 

Wouldn't mind if he played something for me, you know... maybe a solo piano version of 'The Water Wheel' (listen here) from Desplat's original score of 'The Painted Veil', the beautiful sad movie with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. *swoon* 

At least, he's French (leave to your own imagination what THAT is supposed to mean in this context), with beautiful eyes and the hands of a piano player...

LOL - ok. No, really - without kidding: I'm eagerly looking forward to what he will create for 'New Moon'.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Twilight animated banner update No3

Catching up with my banner 'giri'...

bloggy friend: FLH
pivotal point: woman of heart & mind

Sometimes it's a tough thing to explain What-The-Forks I was thinking when making a certain button for a certain blog/person (see: Straight Jacket Aimee's). Often I just go for the very first thing that comes to my mind (that's my "pivotal point"). You, FLH, appeared to me as very feminin and witty, a little glitzy but at the same time down to earth. So I made you a infinite Bella bracelet which - now with your shiny blog title dangling on it too - is displaying the complete eternal triangle we all know and love. So... like to add it to your jewellery box?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another happy Twilight buttons update

One by one the banners come... 

bloggy friend: ana cristina
pivotal point: quite an impact

Hosting too many blogs for your own good? That might be so, Ana - but they're all great. So keep it up! ...relief when you released me from the tough task to make a button for your wonderful "I blog, therefore I am" site and pointed me to the no lesser cool "Danger Magnet"
First I was tempted to create something Jacksperesc for you, but then I thought I'd better illustrate how much all of your bloggy hangouts really make an impact. Plus: I promised you a no-coma-button. It's a pity there's no proper sound editing here, don't you think?

thuddd... splattttancllee.... whaatttonggg...wong... tong.... tottong...

bloggy friend: mrs. robward
pivotal point: fan fic

So you're writing fan fic, Mrs. Robward. And you are a wee bit shy about it, huh? Don't be! Look how your hubby, Mr. Robward, is enjoying your story "I'll be your lover, too"! And you even named it after a song of his fav singer... what  else can we ask? Maybe: When will you write the next chapter?? 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy animated Twilight buttons update

This is a "happy" update, because every time I make a new button/mini-banner like this, it means I have a new reader. And that means: happy, happy, happy!
I wasn't prepared for such a avalanche though. Wow! Six new followers in just three days 

(Thank you, Gollum, 
you little stinker. 
The fish I promised you 
for kidnapping KG's Precious 
will be delivered 
as soon as it is decently rotten 
and smelly enough 
for your relish).

Not my fault...
When I started to put links to my few bloggy friends on my (still very young) blog, that was I first noticed my blog had already developed its own personality. A very demanding one. I didn't know it would be like that: 
I added a little banner I had grabbed from a bloggy friend's site, and my blog said "No!" Loud and clear. - I was like "What?!? %&##??!?" - There it was again: "No!"
Great! Not only that the darn blog had started to occasionally talk in my head, saying things like: "Hey, interesting idea, that, just a second ago - wouldn't you write it down? Come on, I can take it. Come. Write. WRITE!  Why not? WRITE. IT. DOWN. - NOW!" - 
"Oooohhhhh, shut up!! I've work to do!"
The blog has already become really greedy. It's gotten used to the black 'n white stuff. It insisted. And every time I carelessly put a plain photo in a post, it would punish me with feelings of guilt and failure and imcompleteness. But feeded with what it requested, it rewarded me with peace and serenity. So...

You see, I just couldn't help it
I prepared myself for possible protests of my bloggy friends for not using their banners, thinking: Well if they don't like them. I can take them off again. But not only nobody objected - they liked them! 
Happy, happy, happy!! 
So here are my latest newborn-readers' personal buttons, Betti-style. And a little about why I made them the way they are. (Once you have become my follower, you are completely at the mercy of my artistic will when it comes to buttons. That's the only snag with it *evil grin*)
It was my pleasure to make them - really - from musing about what and how it could be for each individual blog to creating and animating it. And the best part: when I visit their blogs, and there it is in all its black 'n white glory! Awwwww....

bloggy friend: cutie 
pivotal point: no spoilers
Oh cutie... I admire your bravery, you strict discipline. You really, I mean REALLY don't peek? Ever? How can you stand that. I couldn't. In fact, the only way to prevent me from consuming spoilers would be a dazzling look from a certain immortal telling me to stop it. So there. Edward shushing Bella.

bloggy friend: KG
pivotal point: ROTFLMAO
I won't say I'm sorry for that Gollum thing. It was deep satisfaction I felt when you said that you might have pee'd your pants. Revenge. Finally. You have NO IDEA how many pants I've ruined reading your blog. Your Friday Funniez have killed me. But then you surprisingly added yourself to my readers. I felt a little guilty and tried to make up for my sinister bargain with the stinker by creating a somewhat elegant look for your button.

bloggy friend: Fire Crotch 
pivotal point: no nibbling - they bite
What am I supposed to think about two girls who go by the names Fire Crotch and Bitches and say they bite pretty hard? Right. Ouch! When I visited your blog, I also got a certain impression of what you would like to sink your teeth in. Naughty gals. Just like me. That's why you got this Rated Rawr button. Don't complain - that pic on your July 7th post was... just... Rawr!

bloggy friend: Mrs. Vanquish
pivotal point: cars (dammit!)
Why has it to be cars? I don't care two figs about cars. I drive a Fiat Panda. That's all I know about my own car: its name. No way I could pull it off with cars. So I asked Edward whether he could possibly take the driver seat (of whatever), put his hands on the wheel (of whatever) and turn it a little to and fro while I make a fake street light run across the windscreen (of whatever) to distract Mrs. Vanquish from the fact that this is just... no... whatever. Fortunately he agreed and took his task very seriously, as you can see from his facial expression which makes him awkwardly look like Pocket Edward - sorry.

I promise to catch up ASAP with the buttons for my newest readers. I'm very quick usually. But you've overwhelmed me a little. I thank you for all your nice comments and the love you showed me. Happy, happy, happy!