Sunday, July 19, 2009

Animated Twilight Button No 20 + new gallery!

I'm catching up...

bloggy friend: the widow herself
pivotal point: books, vampires

So your hubby loses one to five brain cells with each new level of his video game? Doesn't he know that a good book every once in a while might save his life? Not even the deadliest bloodsucking creatures have a defense for literature.

My blog is getting slow...
Somehow things got a little out of hand, it seems. 
How did I happen to make all these buttons?? It's just a month ago that I made my first animated button ever, and now look - the above is button No 20! 
A month ago I wasn't even quite aware that I can do such things, and now there's a whole collection and my blog starts groaning beneath its burden. So I thought it's time to give them a gallery of their own, and there: 

(I thank Ana Cristina from The Danger Magnet for this honorary title). 
I also added my notes and the links to the blogs in question to it. 
There are three pages so far, and it will most likely grow a little more.


Anonymous said...

The Call of Duty Widow's button is awesome, as usual! :) Congratulations on the gallery, too - it's very nice.

Call of Duty Widow said...

I love my button Betti! It's perfect. Many, many thanks!

KG said...

woohoo! Betti all these buttons are amazing!!

ApplesnFeathers said...

Hey Betti!! We just wanted you to know we got the kick ass cd's you sent us and we LOVE THEM! Susie is in the laboratory right now seeing if she can sync up a new intro for our youtube videos using your music! Hopefully you are ok with that, but let us know if you have any objections k?

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Thank God! I was really worried. And I'm fine with everything you do with it. Thanks for getting back to me...
Love, Betti

Annie said...

Woohoo! Betti the Button Guru! :-)