Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy animated Twilight buttons update

This is a "happy" update, because every time I make a new button/mini-banner like this, it means I have a new reader. And that means: happy, happy, happy!
I wasn't prepared for such a avalanche though. Wow! Six new followers in just three days 

(Thank you, Gollum, 
you little stinker. 
The fish I promised you 
for kidnapping KG's Precious 
will be delivered 
as soon as it is decently rotten 
and smelly enough 
for your relish).

Not my fault...
When I started to put links to my few bloggy friends on my (still very young) blog, that was I first noticed my blog had already developed its own personality. A very demanding one. I didn't know it would be like that: 
I added a little banner I had grabbed from a bloggy friend's site, and my blog said "No!" Loud and clear. - I was like "What?!? %&##??!?" - There it was again: "No!"
Great! Not only that the darn blog had started to occasionally talk in my head, saying things like: "Hey, interesting idea, that, just a second ago - wouldn't you write it down? Come on, I can take it. Come. Write. WRITE!  Why not? WRITE. IT. DOWN. - NOW!" - 
"Oooohhhhh, shut up!! I've work to do!"
The blog has already become really greedy. It's gotten used to the black 'n white stuff. It insisted. And every time I carelessly put a plain photo in a post, it would punish me with feelings of guilt and failure and imcompleteness. But feeded with what it requested, it rewarded me with peace and serenity. So...

You see, I just couldn't help it
I prepared myself for possible protests of my bloggy friends for not using their banners, thinking: Well if they don't like them. I can take them off again. But not only nobody objected - they liked them! 
Happy, happy, happy!! 
So here are my latest newborn-readers' personal buttons, Betti-style. And a little about why I made them the way they are. (Once you have become my follower, you are completely at the mercy of my artistic will when it comes to buttons. That's the only snag with it *evil grin*)
It was my pleasure to make them - really - from musing about what and how it could be for each individual blog to creating and animating it. And the best part: when I visit their blogs, and there it is in all its black 'n white glory! Awwwww....

bloggy friend: cutie 
pivotal point: no spoilers
Oh cutie... I admire your bravery, you strict discipline. You really, I mean REALLY don't peek? Ever? How can you stand that. I couldn't. In fact, the only way to prevent me from consuming spoilers would be a dazzling look from a certain immortal telling me to stop it. So there. Edward shushing Bella.

bloggy friend: KG
pivotal point: ROTFLMAO
I won't say I'm sorry for that Gollum thing. It was deep satisfaction I felt when you said that you might have pee'd your pants. Revenge. Finally. You have NO IDEA how many pants I've ruined reading your blog. Your Friday Funniez have killed me. But then you surprisingly added yourself to my readers. I felt a little guilty and tried to make up for my sinister bargain with the stinker by creating a somewhat elegant look for your button.

bloggy friend: Fire Crotch 
pivotal point: no nibbling - they bite
What am I supposed to think about two girls who go by the names Fire Crotch and Bitches and say they bite pretty hard? Right. Ouch! When I visited your blog, I also got a certain impression of what you would like to sink your teeth in. Naughty gals. Just like me. That's why you got this Rated Rawr button. Don't complain - that pic on your July 7th post was... just... Rawr!

bloggy friend: Mrs. Vanquish
pivotal point: cars (dammit!)
Why has it to be cars? I don't care two figs about cars. I drive a Fiat Panda. That's all I know about my own car: its name. No way I could pull it off with cars. So I asked Edward whether he could possibly take the driver seat (of whatever), put his hands on the wheel (of whatever) and turn it a little to and fro while I make a fake street light run across the windscreen (of whatever) to distract Mrs. Vanquish from the fact that this is just... no... whatever. Fortunately he agreed and took his task very seriously, as you can see from his facial expression which makes him awkwardly look like Pocket Edward - sorry.

I promise to catch up ASAP with the buttons for my newest readers. I'm very quick usually. But you've overwhelmed me a little. I thank you for all your nice comments and the love you showed me. Happy, happy, happy!


Ana Cristina said...

All of these are incredible, but Mrs. Vanquish's made me chuckle. You are too talented for your own good, Betti! You should start a business!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Thanks, Ana. :-)
But for the business, rather not. I already run too much businessessessssess already.

I just noticed, when I look at Mrs. Vanquish's button long enough, it makes me somnolent. Like falling into hypnosis. I mustn't look at it.

I'll make you a non-coma banner. Check your c-box. I need three words to catch my pivotal point...

Fire Crotch said...

Holy crap, I totally burst out laughing. "Rated Rawr" button...I need to use that!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!!! thanks very much for the banner is amazing!!!

take care and you have nice day... sorry for my english... im still learning!!!


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Betti, this post is so lovely, just like you !
My buttons is really cool. I mean, he has to take care of me in that car so he´s just afraid in having a car accident. You know how overprotective he is! That´s why he looks a bit - well, you know.. :-)

I can feel your happiness about having new follower, that´s makes a girls bloggy hard jumping, right?
I feel absolutely the same, last week there was nobody on me site and then *swoooossshhh* suddenly there are all this super nice cute people who follow me and even comment!! Yes, that´s joy!
I love all of them!! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment, your spanish is good! hahaha... my english is suck!

take care!

Anonymous said...

My blog talks to me like that too.. It doesnt listen either.. It's very specific about where I put things and what eye candy goes where and how often it wants to see eye candy. We are currently fighting (the blog and I) about the lack of eye candy that has been presented to the audience in the last week. The blog thrives for eye candy.. Sings about it.. worships it.. I'm gonna have to give in soon.. probably tomorrow..

cutie said...

Firstly, you blog is beautiful with all it's specially made buttons. I completely understand why it complains so much when you try to do something not as dazzling.

Now, to answer your questions:

Nope, I never peek. Not ever. :)How can I stand it? The promise of something spectacular. You will hear my screams I SWEAR TO IT. (that and I am stubborn and stupid. and don't you forget that. *wink*)

I love my new button. And thank you for sh-ing Bella. She is such a spoiler whore, whispering in my ear about how beautiful it was...

Thank you from the bottom of my Twi-purity heart.