Wednesday, July 08, 2009

RPattz: I.NO.ROBOT (thought so)

...well, in fact I was just guessing, when I wrote the 5 reasons why Robert Pattinson being a teen idol is a blessing for the world
Quote: "And, other than the Disney puppies, he's not told by anybody to pretend to be someone he is not (or if so he just doesn't obey)." 

OK - the following is an excerpt from an interview with Rob, published by the Spanish "Los 40 Principales Magazine" this February:

Q: Weren’t you sent to media training after you were chosen for the role (of Edward)?
A: Yes. My agent kept getting messages like “he’s resisting the training!” (laughs), I just didn’t want to answer like I was a robot. Not even little children like to hear the same answers, it’s boring!

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Now with first hand confirmation of my guess, 
I heart Mr. Pattinson even more.
(found that interview over at the Robsten Lovers)

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ApplesnFeathers-Susie said...

I personally love the fact that he is so fun in an interview. It makes him seem very honest, although sometimes too honest lol but that's the best part!