Monday, July 13, 2009

KG's precious still held hostage

Her attempt to threaten the mythical criminal creature 
with a frightening song of the week 
doesn't seem to work... um.... very well?!?


cutie said...

They better pay attention, because Rick James has spoken and he says, GIVE IT TO ME!!!

[Side note question. Tech question. Do you have copy right problems with playlist (the player on KG's page)? I have a bloggy friend, Mrs. V, from Let's Ride the Vanquish and she can't listen to any of the playlists. She's in Germany, too.]

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Yes - those playlists do only work within the USA. :(

Wait! That means, Gollum is still there, right? As the wee bugger is rockin' to da music, he plainly hasn't left the country yet!

cutie said...

That is ridiculous, that the playlist doesn't work outside of the USA! I had no clue. Do you know of an alternative player?

Yes, Gollum is apparently hell bent on messing with us Twilighters. The little *bleep* is everywhere too! Even no man's land Alaska! :(

Ana Cristina said...

Cutie led me this way, and as you know, Cutie is never wrong. Nice to meet you, Betti! I love this blog. :)

Fire Crotch said...

I'm not sure how I got to your blog this morning, but I thought it was really cool. I can't believe you made me a button! That is so awesome! Cutie alerted me to it and I was like WTF? My site is really lacking in a cool banner and you have just given me some good ideas. Thanks so much!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

You girls are driving me totally bananas! My followers have doubled up in just two days. THIS IS AWESOME!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! <3

I'm a little overwhelmed though with my banner making... but don't worry, they're coming as promised.

Ana Cristina - just a little patience. Musings might take a while...

Fire Crotch - your's was the hardest so far. Dunno why. I think it's because I felt there must be a car in it. And I don't care two figs about cars myself, so I knew it would be a wrong car in any case... it is. But letting Edward drive, is a pretty good distraction, right? :-)

Welcome to you all. You made my day!

KG said...

oh Betti you are awesome!! truly!! these gollum things crack me the freak up! LOL thank you so much, you are so fun!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh Betti, your blog is just so awesome! I love your animated gifs !! Gollum´s so great.
And you made this cute little great banner-buttons, they are so cool and lovely!! Thanks for making mine too!!! I love it.

Well and a bit more love: I love Bedtime Stories!!! I have to make a post out of it!