Monday, July 20, 2009

Twilight animated button No 21

A button a day keeps the doctor away 
(not Dr. Cullen, of course!)

bloggy friend: the mom
pivotal point: um... the mom?

Ok, mom - this one was a little difficult... 
since you're still almost a twi-blogger virgin (just like me - LOL) and I could not get the whole picture yet just from your blog. So I thought to give a basic summary of a twi-mom's life in three acts. 
I mean, why in hell isn't it possible to just sit there peacefully for, let's say: three or four hours, reading a really important book, without disturbance?!? 
I really don't get it. Ideas, anyone?

the complete gallery: The Twilight Button Guru


Fire Crotch said...

Wow! This is awesome! The third scene is hilarious! You really have a gift!

Fire Crotch said...

Oh, meaning the scene without the baby and the dog.

Caring E H mom said...

I love it! Especially the last one, so true...Thank you!

Annie said...

LOL! This one is your best yet, Betti! :D