Monday, April 19, 2010

Fan Fiction, Song, Vid, Self Pimpage

I posted this little gem on my YTC blog already, but since not all my visitors here know about it, I put it here too.
So... if you haven't read Your True Colors, the Twilight fan fic by now, maybe this sweet collection of hot chapter illustrations will allure you. (Rated M, mature readers only!)

The song that goes with it is a duet,
sung by my beloved beta Uhyesplease and humble me.
It was made with just our PC's and eMail. We've never met in person by now. Magic? Yes, a little magic... Enjoy!


SmuttierThanYou said...

OMG!!!! I am in awe of ya'lls voices!!! That was amazing!!

KG said...

that was so beautiful, girls! it gave me goose bumps!

hugs and loves.

rubiesymusica said...

I love your version. I would love to have it on my iPod. I definitely will be reading this fic over the summer break.