Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Button Guru Update: More Banner Bartering

Do you remember the last banner bartering (<- click here for full size banners) which resulted in these two beauties for the companion fics by yellowglue?

Well, I promised to show what I got in exchange for making these banners. They were a gift to yellowglue from needlework whiz and fan fic supporter Maylin (dihenydd on ffnet, co-host of the Obsession Contest, together with lambcullen). And this beautifully crafted, totally handmade felted bag is what I got *SQUEEEE!*:

And since Maylin is really supportive, like incredibly crazy supportive, she kept on bartering with me... the banner below is part 1 of another deal. I made this banner for andnowthemoon's entertaining fan fic piece "Baby You Can Drive My Car". Click on banner for full size view. (Part 2 of the deal will be another banner for the talented yellowglue).

I'm planning on introducing you to the multi-talented andnowthemoon and her works in a special blogpost soon, So stay tuned, it's worth it. She's a gem!

Anyway, this is what Maylin send my way for the new bartering: A crocheted summer top! The yarn is beautiful, and there are little shells attached to the shoulder straps. I took this picture of myself wearing it (hellsyeah, it fits!!), but it does the pretty colors no justice.

Thank you sooo much, Maylin!

And now, like always... in case you want to barter for banners or buttons or blinkies or...

Here are the RULES:
1. If you have something I might want, we can bargain.The only condition not negotiable is: It has to be something money can't buy. Which means, you won't get a button or banner for a Twilight merch, for instance. People have tried to barter with things that are only available in the US, but the Button Guru is a bitch when it comes to bartering.
2. Usually it would be something someone does, or a selfmade thing. Written stuff, selfmade videos, pics, drawings... if I don't know anything about you, I can not suggest anything myself. It depends on what you can do or have or... dunno. So if you want to barter, you would either have to come up with suggestions yourself, or tell me something about your talents, hobbies etc., so that I can challenge you.
3. The Button Guru never asks for a mission impossible! He just loves to challenge peoples' inspiriation. If someone isn't much of an artist but can maybe knit or bake - he might be happy with a pair of wrist-warmers or yummy coookies.
That's pretty much it. I love bartering, I love creative ideas and being surprised with things...

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uhyesplease said...

Love love love it!! Such creative people in this fandom!!

Great barterning, so super great presents and banners!