Saturday, May 08, 2010

And the winner is...

Artsie and Fanny have decided.
They picked the winner of a free album download or physical CD from the Art House CD repertoire in the Music Giveaway to celebrate song download #50.000 of "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)".



Tess !!!
You won a CD or complete album download!
Why did you win?
Artsie and Fanny say: "Because the new Trixi & Tess blog is such a fun place to hang out !!! Those girls are charming and witty, and whether you're robsessed, taylorated, twispired or going bananas with eclipsapalooza... they definitely deliver!!
- - -

But Artsie and Fanny have been reeeeeally nice, and picked two runner-ups. Yay!!

- - -
Winner #2 is... Chloe !!!
You've won three song downloads!
How come?
Fanny says: "Artsie said Chloe's joke was lame, but I told her it was from David Bowie - that shut her up! And I laughed my ass off. Well, not about the joke, but about Artsie's face. That's why Chloe won!"

- - -
Winner #3 is... AzureEyedI !!!
You've won one song download!
But why, oh why??
Artsie says: "I pitied her. She kinda begged..."
What? Oh, come on...!
"Ok, ok... she writes good fan fic too. But apparently, she had a hard day. Plus, she called you a rockstar, Betti."
Well, then... uhm, ok.

- - -

Thanks to everyone who entered and said Hi! :)

The winners will receive emails soooooon... so they can make their choices.
Since it's indie music, and not every artist is known, I'll be glad to provide sound snippets or youtube links etc., to help you pick music you like.



uhyesplease said...

Congrats winners!!!!

One Pushy Fox said...

Congratulations, winners!!!!

Trixie and Tess said...

OHMYGOODNESS!!!! Thank you so much for the WIN and for all of the wonderfully nice compliments!!

I can't wait to get started downloading! I'll go back to your email and see exactly what I need to do! YAY!!!

Thanks again!


i wear alice cullen pjs said...

fanny where the f@ck have you been girl.... i know i have been m.i.a. but im glad to see your back... with artsie i see *sighs* when can we have some alone time sheesh... tell betti you want out more, and im diggin her music.