Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Companion Fic Banners & a Recc

I didn't ask Artsie & Fanny this time - they are busy preparing another fic recc. I'm just thankful for the fanfic gods who made me read these two connected fics, due to a Button Guru Bartering.

The uh-mazing, young writer, Yellowglue, tells the same stunning story twice, from different POV's. Intense, emotional, hot, right on the nail - in a style that has no rival. She doesn't need to cover her characters with tatts or piercings to show they're dark, deep and dirty. Read it, feel it and meet Lumberjackward and Greyachella, or else you seriously miss out!

Here are the banners I made for her. Click on them to be taken to the written wonderment. Quick scoring below.

Banner for The Worst of Weather (BPOV / complete)

Banner for Rose like Thunder (EPOV / in progress)

Scoring for both:

How much Twilight is left?
Enough. That she didn't make it to the full score is meant as a compliment here. There are nice twists. And more angst. Hey Steph, need a lesson in intense writing? Check this out!
4 out of 5 Wettest Places in the Continental US

How hot is the plot?
Uhm... it works fine. Be prepared for some angst-ridden, fuckhawt lovemaking here. Again: pretty intense. Is it weird, that I got turned on by Edward getting drunk (yes drunk as in, really canned!) by just sniffing at sleeping Bella?? I guess so...
5 out of 5 Wet Panties

How about romance?
Sure... but if you want fluffy, stay away. These two aren't cute, they are fucking in love!!
2 out of 5 Wet Paper Tissues

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Annie Cristina said...

I don't know how you do it, but your buttons always look like the pictures are real, not manips. You are the true button guru! Hope you're doing well, Ms. Betti. :-)