Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twilight animated button No 26

I know I promised to make the buttons for my followers one by one as they come. But since I already knew what to do with this one (while I am still musing about the others), it made no sense to delay it. My apologies for shifting the sequence, but you see, done is done - now this one's out of my head, which means there are more brain cells again working on cool ideas for the next buttons. So lucky EoA, you've been queue-jumped... so to speak:

No 26 - gold-framed amber button (no red, for once)

bloggy friend: eyes of  amber
pivotal point: eyes of amber, I daresay

Well I guess this button is no big surprise (I've been occasinally more witty, admittedly). But your blogname is so distinct, there wasn't really any other option. I did my very best to make it special, though: 
1. These eyes are really Rob's, to start with - I thought, this was essential. 
2. I couldn't add my favourite solitaire red to this one - we want it veggie style, don't we? So yeah... amber/gold
3. Used anything I could get out of this pair of Cullen-eyes: they open and close, they move, they change color, they reflect... did I leave something out? Dunno... but I hope you're dazzled anyway...

Next in line are: Alicia, EtomyB and Undercover Twilighter.
Be prepared to expect the unexpected!

the complete gallery:
The Twilight Button Guru


Eyes of Amber said...

Oh wow...and you used Rob's eyes! I am certainly dazzled! I am absolutely wowed! You are amazing! I love it!

twilightholicstwihards said...

hey can i please get one as well?i'm so jelous!!!here is my blog if u help me i will add u at my top affiliates!

EtomyB said...

This is friggin amazing!! I love that his eyes go from black to gold! You rule!
I also just witnessed the debut of Marie's button on SSTB, and she may have screamed. A lot. ;) It is also fucking awesome of course!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@eyesofamber: My pleasure!

@twilightoholics: Of course!

@EtomyB: just checked. Oh, and cutie even said "sofa king" for me LOL

Annie said...

Your buttons are getting better and better, guru. It's incredible how you never seem to run out of inspiration! :D

Eyes of Amber said...

I know I've already commented on this one, but the longer I have it, the more I love it. I'm so glad I got in while you were still open for business. You are the best!