Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another happy Twilight buttons update

One by one the banners come... 

bloggy friend: ana cristina
pivotal point: quite an impact

Hosting too many blogs for your own good? That might be so, Ana - but they're all great. So keep it up! ...relief when you released me from the tough task to make a button for your wonderful "I blog, therefore I am" site and pointed me to the no lesser cool "Danger Magnet"
First I was tempted to create something Jacksperesc for you, but then I thought I'd better illustrate how much all of your bloggy hangouts really make an impact. Plus: I promised you a no-coma-button. It's a pity there's no proper sound editing here, don't you think?

thuddd... splattttancllee.... whaatttonggg...wong... tong.... tottong...

bloggy friend: mrs. robward
pivotal point: fan fic

So you're writing fan fic, Mrs. Robward. And you are a wee bit shy about it, huh? Don't be! Look how your hubby, Mr. Robward, is enjoying your story "I'll be your lover, too"! And you even named it after a song of his fav singer... what  else can we ask? Maybe: When will you write the next chapter?? 


Fire Crotch said...

Whoa...the Danger Magnet one is your best one yet! Awesome! You are so talented!

Mrs. Robward said...

Next chappy is at the most awesome of Beta's Cutie for SSTB, she was under the weather yesterday, so....

*peeking out from under the covers b/c I didn't know people were actually READING it!!!!*

How do I save it to use later on my Blog posts on PLT?


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

to Mrs. Robward:
Wrote you mail on how to save it.

*popping head under your covers to whisper*:
I bet there'll be some more readers from now on actually :-)

to Fire Crotch:
Yeah, I'm pretty proud of this one. Almost like a trailer for "Danger Magnet - the Movie" ;-)

cutie said...

I LOVE the new buttons. Ana will flip! And Mrs. Robwards is wonderful...This "beta" of hers sounds super flaky. Maybe she should get her freaking act together so the world can read said wonderment.

Ana Cristina said...


Ahem, sorry, I got carried away with excitement over my new button. Which is amazing. Simply, wonderfully, amazingly amazing. Did I mention it was amazing?

I heart you forever, Betti! :D

Danke schön x's infinity!

caring erratic hairbrained mom said...

Ok, so how do I get one? I will link you to my blog...I dig it

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Alright... that's the way :-)
You'll have to get in line, I'm afraid though. All of a sudden (which means just since a couple of days) being declared the "button guru" (© Ana Cristina), I'm a little trailing behind already...
but I keep my promises, so just a little patience.
I'll check out your blog and come up with something.

to Ana Cristina: pretty good Deutsch gesprochen :-)