Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yet Another Contest Banner

*wipes forehead*

I know, I know... are y'all sick and tired of my frantic bannermaking yet?
Well - I'm not, to be honest. I love it!
And people keep asking me for banners, so... yeah, here is another one, for the BEYOND THE PALE Contest. (as usual, embiggens on clickery)

But hey - just a reminder... I am still a musician in the first place. And oh yes, I write fan fic too. LOL. Remember? But given that I was known as the crazy Rob-stalking Lady with the dagger a year ago, I will certainly not complain to be known as the banner-chick now. Um-mm. :)


HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

Your banners are beautiful and you should start charging. :)

btw, congrats on winning Painters Award (Shimmer)!

Annie Cristina said...

You are still the button/now banner guru. And HG is right -- you should charge, woman! You're too talented. :)

Glad you won the Painters Award, despite all the voting issues.