Thursday, July 29, 2010

...and now the moon...

(UPDATE 8/9/2010: Andnowthemoon's ffnet pages are currently unavailable, but will return soon. I'll let you know then!)
"have you noticed you can make the name renesmee from the letters in stephenie meyer? you're left with hepity and piyeth. imagine if renesmee had had sisters..."

The above is the, uhm... 'summary' of the one-shot Gossip Gurl by the amazingly talented andnowthemoon, who has written 49 (!) stories for Twilight, Star Trek: 2009, and Merlin - and that is only under THIS penname. (yep - there are others)

I just noticed that most of her other stories' summaries just say: "Please read." I strongly second that!! STRONGLY!!!
Never, NEVER AGAIN, do I want to hear anyone whine about what fic to read next, or about desperately needing recc's. Just go to this girl's profile and read away.

I'll just recommend 2 out of 49 here, k?

One-shot written for the Black Balloon Contest.
A masterpiece of angst, beautifully written. You will feel it.... all of it - the love, the joy, the fear, the loss... don't be scared to let this story go under your skin and take you back to when you were young and ruled by your heart.

Entertaining AH Bella x Edward multi-chapter fic,
with some fuckhawt Jasper thrown in for good measurement. 19 chapters so far, easy to catch up – and you won't be disappointed by naugty Popstar Bella and astute SweetWard. And yeah, it's about music.

Speaking of...
Andnowthemoon is a songwriter/musician/singer too!!!
And though that talent of hers seems to run a bit under the radar (internet-wise, at least), I'm happy to make her shine here on my blog with the utterly enchanting song "Your Own Rainbow". She wrote it, inspired by my own story "Your True Colors" (GASP! IKR?? How lucky am I???), and recorded it and sent it to me.

How could I not make a video for it to show andnowthemoon's awesomeness??
And psssst... you might find some more of her original songs and recordings on her myspace, just saying... yes she is girltaminglions, too. Also on twitter...

End of pimpage,

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dihenydd said...

I second your emotions. Whatever she happens to be calling herself gtl is uber talented and incredibly prolific.