Friday, June 26, 2009

Jacob's Song Reloaded

I've been asked frequently for a direct embed-code of the "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)" animated video to be streamed in the same quality as "Bedtime Stories". Ok. Your wish is my command. (Some credits would be nice though... please? I've noticed a lot of blogs and sites with my videos, and there's no credit at all. Ts, ts, ts...)

One Wolf

Click the image to be taken to the streaming video in good quality. It will open in a popup window. Embed code below. Just help yourself...

For the sake of completeness:
Bedtime Stories

Click the image below to be taken to the streaming video in good quality. It will open in a popup window. (Don't miss the explanatory "package slip"). Embed code below.


farfignewgun said...

three suggestions: hunting and PROTECTING the land; moon ON the water; and dreaming as only HE CAN.

pretty good and interesting. i am obsessed too and my writing (stories, not music)and imagination have been thru the roof. if my girls arent even obsessed, then Lord, please let it be for a reason. until i get my thoughts down and protected on my personal computer where no one else can invade, i am .... ??? ancy i guess is what i am looking for. i dont know if its an attempt to get cured or rather an inspiration. hopefully a book rather than an unproductive effort.

so youre the one ted casablanca posted on his site the awful truth?

farfignewgun said...

oops. im sorry....i meant to tell you good luck with examiner and your music.

Beautiful Princess said...

I'm a twilight fan and I loved this video.
The song bedtime Stories is beautiful.
Gonna see One Wolf in afew sec's.
How do you make these little videos
Amazing work hun.
Ignore these others that want to be Butt's.
You did a awesome job.
You have a beautiful voice also.