Tuesday, June 23, 2009

15.000 downloads/views by today

By today the now infamous video of "Bedtime Stories" has had 8.822 views on youtube, and 6.315 downloads from my own homepage so far - being online only 14 days. This is amazing. 

Now that the rush is over... 
(the hits have decreased to about 250 to 300 a day - which is still pretty much IMHO), I guess I should thank my lately gained "favorite enemies" in the first place. Considering that about 99 % of all comments on various websites and blogs were negative, it keeps me wondering how come that just these sites where they roasted me alive provided the majority of viewers. Multiple viewers, I'd like to add - given away by my "youtube insights".
Hmm... I remember a lot of them saying "oh, I couldn't watch it til the end!" or something like "I had to stop at 0:22". So then I guess the 1 % people who loved it must have viewed the vid about 200 times each. ;-)

So I'm the crazy Rob-stalking lady now... 
Some really wrote that I am just the kind of "fan" who would stab 
Mr. Pattinson with a knife if I had the chance. I was adviced to seek professional mental help too. 
Mostly used terms were "creepy", "crazy", "freaks me out", "2nd hand embarrasment"
Since I had expected that in a way (if not that quantitiy), it was all quite ok with me.

I cannot thank each and every website/blog where "Bedtime Stories" was embedded or linked... according to my youtube stats alone, there are 72. So I just honor the top three funeral piles here who sent over the most viewers and made me the infamous creepy-vid-chick forever.

I'd like to thank:

for calling it "creepy yet entertaining" which is a, uhm... well defined position. 
And for the best posting tag ("Run, Rob, run!")
Result: 2896 youtube views from this referral by today

for embedding the video totally uncommented ("rendered into silence" for the first time ever AFAIK) in a place where people are used to expect (and find) something funny or sarcastic, and even more feel the urge to outdo each other with likewise funny and sarcastic comments.
Result: 2014 youtube views from this referral by today

for decently linking to both my own web resources and the mixed reviews. And for the first comment from a reader that wanted to know who and where I am, so that I could be delivered to justice! ;-)
Result: 1683 youtube views from this referral by today

To everybody who liked the video... 
...and commented or referred to it in a positive way I have to say thanks too. 
I've won many new friends from all over the world. And every single one of you made my day by replacing "creepy" with "original" and "crazy" with "artistic". You rock!

But truly my heart goes out to... 
...those bravehearts who threw themselves to the wolves and spoke out for me, or undauntedly voiced their different opinion in places where everybody else was crying "Burn her!"

With all of you - both the lovers and the haters - I had an amazingly great time! There's no greater happiness for artists than to see that their work would provoke both enthusiasm and disapproval - but not one single case of indifference. 


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