Sunday, June 21, 2009

my new lucky charm

It had been raining all week here in Germany. 
And raining. 
And it was soo cold...

I was almost about to commit suicide, because a 4-hour-show was scheduled for today... open air!!!

Me and my girl group of ten, called "Betti's Stagefright" had been planning to wear our new stage costumes, very small stage costumes. 

We arrived at the festival - only 15 minutes to go and the place was practically empty because IT WAS RAINING.
Desperately (and shivering), we stepped on stage. 

When the first note was sung, suddenly the sky opened, the sun came out and the place was crowded in no time! 
We had a fantastic show with a happy audience dancing and cheering. When we took our bows four hours later, the sky had slowly overclouded again. The very moment we left the stage, the first raindrops were falling...

What the Forks?! How come we were so incredibly lucky? 
I decided, it must have been my new lucky charm: the beautiful silver bracelet that K. and E. of the Robsten Lovers had sent to me. It arrived yesterday. I fell in love with it and haven't taken it off since. If there was any proof needed that there is something magic about this cute little thing... here you are!

Added June 24th: fresh pic of that event (mailed to me by a fan)
See how the sun's been beaming down on me... I'm the one with the hand microphone, beaming back :-)   (more pics of the concert here)

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