Sunday, June 07, 2009

Rob Pattinson= Jeff Buckley? A singer's POV

Rumour has it... 
...that Robert Pattinson would apply for the leading role in a Jeff Buckley biopic. Yesterday I stumbled over a discussion about whether Pattinson could or could not pull it off. 
As a long time admirer of the Buckleys (Jeff's father Tim was a incredibly gorgeous singer too - just in case you're too young to remember...), plus being a singer myself, I got some thoughts about it to share... from a singer's point of view.

- The singing, yes or no?
When I heard Pattinson singing for the first time (actually not knowing who it was) he immediately reminded me of Buckley. I am not easily impressed with vocals  and it is a rare thing for me to get goose bumps while listening to a song. I wanted to know who the hell did that trick after... yes: years! When I found out, my first thought was: "No way! That... KID?!?" (a clear déjà vu of my first Buckley encounter btw)
Well, I guess I made my point clear about my opinion towards his singing skills.
I'm not quite sure though whether Pattinson could manage the angelic high notes Buckley was famous for, but I would LOVE to hear him try... (it's learnable - subject to a given potential. I know what I'm talking about!) I believe he would throw in everything he's got. And he's got a lot! 
So: Yes.

Jeff Buckley singing

Robert Pattinson singing

...and some more Robert Pattinson singing

Jeff Buckley (the tricky part!!!)

- The physics, yes or no?
Most people who think Pattinson is a no-go for that part were referring to his look. They'd rather have James Franco because he looks so much like Buckley. There's obviously a strong resemblance, so what? We're not talking about a photo shoot here. It's all about acting!
You can rely upon Pattinson's ability as an actor here, he's got the depth. Some people thought he isn't a good actor and said, they hated him in "Twilight". Oh pleeaaase... no matter how much I loved "Twilight" for the romantic things it did to me - my analytical mind still insists on telling me it wasn't a very sophisticated movie. The part of Edward wasn't very demanding at all, and Pattinson made more of it than possibly could be expected. He WILL look like Buckley. 
Definitely: Yes!

A little manip for the doubtful. Left: Buckley, right: Pattinson

Hey, just got a wonderful idea: why not have Franco play Tim Buckley in that pic? Maybe that part goes without singing... uhm, not very likely. But he could lipsync, and I'd recommend my adorable hubby Freimann for the vocals. Want a taste?

Freimann singing

Music snippets taken from
1: Jeff Buckley / song: "Lover you should come over" / album: "Grace"
2+3: Robert Pattinson / song "Let me sign" / album: "Twilight Soundtrack"
4: Freimann / song: "Sailing" / album: "Hopeless Pokus III"


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your analysis bb!!! BTW I'm the mod over at pattinson_music and I appreciate you posting the link to this there <3 thank you!!!

Beautiful Nemesis said...

I am a huge Jeff Buckley fan. No wait, I'm obsessed! ;)

So I have been following the whole rumours about a possible Buckley biopic since years now. You know, those rumours have been up since his death actually (which is why I still have my doubts that this is REALLY ever going to happen...). As far as I experienced most JB fans always wanted Franco or Ledger to play Buckley. I wanted Ledger, because if you watch a lot of Buckley's interviews, you'll see how perfect Heath would have been for the part... but we all know now that unfortunately this will never happen anyway. So I'd say Franco now too. The thing is, Pattinson's voice would be perfect, but I do think that the look is essential for the movie here as well. Jeff was the mysterious & pretty boy of the 90s rock scene and I think Franco could pull that off. And I'm pretty sure that James won't be a disappointment, he's an amazing actor. And he's still not that famous yet. Of course this would also be a great opportunity for Rob to show his acting skills, but I still think Franco would be the better choice, although I don't know if he can sing, I really hope he can. But in case they are planning to make a biopic like "I'm not there", it could work with Robert too, because the look would not be important then.

Anyway, despite all those new Rob rumours, I'd say Franco will make it. Because I once read an interview where he said, that they already called his management if he was interested in playing Buckley. The only negative thing is, if they don't realize the film soon, Franco will get too old for the part.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted... said...

to silentscream: You're welcome. And thanks for your hint about the autoplay desaster... I hope it's fixed now.

to Beautiful Nemesis: How nice to meet a fellow Buckley fan! (Do you know his father's music too?) I see your point about Franco, but as long as there's no proof of his talent as a singer I am sceptic. The producers said there'll be no faking...
I hope there'll be a biopic at all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Betti. Huge Pattz fan here.

I was undecided before, but after listening closely to their voices with my studio monitors and focusing intently on the picture comparison... I can wholeheartedly say that they sound and look nothing alike. Thanks!

Beautiful Nemesis said...

Of course do I know Tim's music too! But you're right, the only thing that would stand against Franco is the singing part. Buckley's songs are not easy to sing. Pattinson would manage that (when I first heard him sing, I immediately thought about Buckley).

About my blog: I guess it's your eyes. ;)
No one ever complained about not being able to read it and I think the grey is light enough. I see no problem with it.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted... said...

Shit! I guess that means I am really getting old... I just have to face it.

Mari Zombie said...

Franco FTW. Rob doesn't deserve it. He'd ruin Jeff and I won't stand it!

Anonymous said...

I love James Franco but not as much as Rob. I wasn't too familiar with Buckley before reading this but your thurough analysis totally convinced me he would be wayy better. awesome post!!!

Julie said...

Commercially, think of the soundtrack cd's they'd sell if Pattinson played Buckly. It would introduce Buckley to a whole new demographic.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

To Julie:
("...introduce Buckley to a whole new demographic")
Right. It already has pretty much due to the discussion.
I like that! :) No more "Buckley? Who's that?" Time to bring real singers and artists to the youngster's focus again. That's what I appreciate most about Pattinson becoming a teen idol: He wasnt "designed" by Disney or else to be one, and he's really talented. That's making a difference for once.

dyndyn said...

Jeff Buckley's best instrument was his voice, although we couldn't discredit his superb guitar-playing.

I will not go into a referendum as to who among this generation of talented actors can play him best. One thing is certain, it's a career-defining role for any actor who nails the part.

I have yet to watch "Twilight" and I am keeping an open mind on Pattinson. I am more familiar with James Franco so it looks like he has my vote.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and referring me to yours.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Oh no, don't watch Twilight to evaluate Pattinson's abilties as an actor. The movie does no justice to him. Better check "Little ashes" or "How to be". He's at least as good an actor as Franco.
Since the producers (of the Buckley pic) allegedly said ther'd be no faking,
I think the advantage of having the singing skills could possibly outdo the strong physical resemblance.

Calista said...

Very cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Alma said...

I am a huge Jeff Buckley fan, and though Ethan Hawke is not my favorite actor, I think he's got the chops to play the late musician, not to mention his look is spookily similar to our beloved Jeff.