Friday, June 19, 2009

playing Jeff Buckley: another competitor?

This young man is Peter Pawan, 
London-based actor and musician
His name was mentioned by someone 
in a comment to the ongoing 
"Who should play Jeff Buckley"-discussion... 
so I did some research.



I'v never heard of Peter Pawan before which isn't surprising. Seems he had no significant career so far, apart from a short feature called "Sunshine" and voicing over a few commercials.
Nevertheless he seems to somehow apply to play Jeff Buckley because 
  • a) he very much tries (and admittedly succeeds) to resemble him in his photoshoots and 
  • b) he obviously thinks(!) he can sing like Buckley 
...ouhkaayy.... *cough cough*

So since I'm trying to remain fair, again you can judge for yourself. Please listen to the soundclips of Rob and Jeff and then check the video of Peter by clicking the image below. In the second half of that video he is performing live two songs of Jeff Buckley.
I think he's trying hard but his performance does nothing to me. I was like "oh please, stop that whining!" He might have some talent, perhaps if he'd stopped trying to be Jeff Buckley. But this is kinda pathethic. Uhm... I correct: He's got no singing talent at all IMHO. Sorry.
Anyway... see for yourself.

Unfortunately, I still didn't manage to find any examples of James Franco singing. Even at the most devoted Franco-fansites there wasn't anybody who had a clue. Seems he never sang at all, at least not in public or in any of his films.
I would love to add a soundfile of Franco though, for the sake of completeness.
Ideas anyone?

One last note: I read that Jeff Buckleys mother allegedly insists on having Jeff's original soundfiles used in the movie. I hate to admit but: if it just is about lipsyncing, it would definitely be James Franco. *sniff*


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, Betti. Just STOP. Stay away from Buckley. Far away.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Haha... no, probably I won't. I love Buckley. Both of the Buckleys. I adore them... I hope though, Peter Pawan WILL stay away from Buckley. I really do.