Friday, September 18, 2009

Alice sees the future...

  What is it, Alice? Why so worried?
   Everything's gonna be just fine, right?
   Mrs. Vanquish and Betti will meet in Munich
   to see the New Moon premiere together -
   a quick glance into a happy future...
  They'll see each other in flesh 
  for the first time!
   Mrs.V will meet Betti at Munich Airport
   and do a happy dance...
  They share common interests!
   Mrs.V owns very fine things she likes to show off.
   Unfortunately, Betti's own outdated technical
   equipment seems to be kinda sore point...
  They REALLY DO share common interests!
   What better to get oneself in the right mood for the
   huge event than a previous Twilight recap?
  They SOOO share common interests!
   Mrs.V will take Betti to a famous movie theatre
   in Munich and they both will be well prepared...
  It's almost scary how much they
  have in common!
   Mrs V. can absolutely rely on her Betti who, 
   while watching the movie, will support her 
   in every way she can...
  Did I mention already they have 
  a lot in common?
   They both like New Moon mainly because of 
   its good screenplay, the cinematography, 
   the editing and the original score...

  They really share a common ground!
   Must be a wolfpack somewhere near,
   since both Mrs.V and Betti suddenly and thoroughly
   disappear from Alice's vision...


Alicia said...


Mrs. Vanquish said...

I´m freaking out, this is so awesome!!! I promise I´ll look the Holy Grail somewhere while you are there!.. unless you want to see him ;)

This will be so awesome, fist we see Twilight - since I know you know every line, so we will have so much fun and are directly in the mood for *squeeee* New Moon!

And dare you saying anything spoilerish to me during the movie!!!!

Gosh I love the comic and you..

When is f** November, is it November yet? ohhh why is it still September...

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Too cute!!

Pushy Fox said...

Betti you are hilarious!!!! I can't wait to hear about the shenanigans that you and Mrs. V get up to in Munich! And even though Mrs. V didn't say so, I should warn you to "behave" or her Mini-Edward will have to chastise you. that a disincentive? Well anyway, have a blast AND TAKE PICTURES!!!!

Anonymous said...

(Oh, please tell me comments are working again...)

This is so funny!! Y'all will have the best time at the movie, but try not to squee so loud you get kicked out. And, please, can we have more of the Mrs. V and Betti cartoon?!

uhyesplease said...

You guys are absolutely adorable...I wish I could see this 'reunion' in person!

Have fun you two!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ Alicia
There you go... LOL!
Hey, Alicia - can you see the futuria??

@ Mrs.Vanquish
Because you were the one, you see,
who made me draw my comic-me
to match the pic of Mrs.V
so lo-ve-ly, so lo-ve-ly,
we'll be together and we'll squeeee!
And for the spoilers inside me:
I'll get a grip - I swear to Thee...
I don't care where the Grail will be
if I may strip your Mini-E!

@ Susie
Mrs.V is the cute one,
I'm just a grain in her comet's train

@ Pushy Fox
Pictures! Promised!

Woot - you did it!
I'm pretty sure there'll be at least one more cartoon AFTER Nov 26... LOL

@ uhyesplease
In fact, we are completely nuts about it ever since we know that we'll meet. I'm pretty sure we'll tweet a lot (using the effing Holy Grail probably), so you'll be with us... in a way... :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Betti, you did a poem for me???? I even read it to MrV, because it is so awesome!!
Gosh, I can´t say how much I love you!!

Anonymous said...

I just love you both so much.. I had tears in my eyes from laughing while reading this.. mwah!

Annie said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! This was the funniest post ever! Betti, you and me are spoiler-bunnies at heart. God bless and keep the twi-virgins like cutie and Mrs. V. I could never be that patient!

Mrs. Robward said...

This little post was too cute! I mean really! Those little cartoons are just perfect!

I love you German Gals!

Kiss each other 1 time from me ok?


p.s. my word verification is "baticals" LOL

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ Aimee, Annie, Stacey

Y'all will be sooo with us when we watch NM. I'm pretty sure Mrs.V won't be able to stop iPhoning at me, so she*ll most likely tweet a lot...
she will have to do all the typing because I have the strong notion I will be bound and gagged during the movie...

Fire Crotch said...

Haha, this is absolutely hilarious! I love it! I am so jealous that you two will be watching the movie together! Have a wonderful time!