Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first bloggy award!

The one and only Mrs. Vanquish 
honored me with an award today!
Exhibit A: 
Her beautiful Blog "Let's ride the Vanquish" itself. (Quick quick... go there, follow her, shed your love all over her!!!) I totally flipped!
Exhibit B: My out of my mind comment ranting over there.

Finally I got my shit together
for a decent acceptance speech...

(Global broadcast, live via satellite:)
  • I want to thank Gaaawwd, though I'm not religious at all - for letting me say "oh my gaawwd" over and over again and whenever I want and not f****bleeep throwing thunder and lightning down on me.
  • I want to thank the Vanquish Blog Academy for this incredible honor!
  • I want to thank Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen - for the opportunity to learn some f****bleeep coherent English from listening to their records, so I suffer from enough f****bleeep hubris to blog and comment and even give in to the delusion I were able to f****bleeep read and review fan fiction in a foreign language.
  • And I want to thank the one and only Mrs. Vanquish herself - for being so f****bleeep easy to love and making me feel as if I'd known her for years...
In my hysterical happydance frenzy 
I proposed to her today. 
So if.... no, WHEN... she says yes, 
I'll ask Alice Cullen to be our wedding planer. 

Sneak Peek: 
Below you see what our honeymoon vehicle will look like.


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh my Betti!! I´m official allowed to say that now I guess, you are so fucking welcome! You so deserve this award!

And I´m just speechless ( no not really I never am) that I found you and I just can´t wait till November when I´ll fucking see you !!!

So we can make it official I just say:
Fucking yes Betti!!! YES!!

Specially with this driver and this car, I guess we will take the driver with us to the honeymoon?

Maybe Isle Emse, what do you say? And some cupcakes!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

And I´m so thankful to Joni and Leonard, because otherwise you would have wrote your blog in german and not in english and as funny as this is we would have never fucking met!!!
(was this one sentence? no comma? )

uhyesplease said...

Oh you two - get a room! JUST KIDDING!!!

Betti - that graphic is hilarious - you're own personal bobblehead doll!

And Mrs. V. - I'm off to your blog to finally comment. My internet was on the fritz this morning!

Congrats Betti - you are the bestest!!!

ps - my word verification was coningis which sounds like shorthand for cunilingus or how to say it if you have a cold or a lot of food stuffed in your mouth. Just sayin'.

cutie said...


You got a freaking awarded!?!

FUCK YES!!! Okay now I need to find the post that goes with this wonderment.

I am sofa king happy for you Betti!!!! WOOT!

Mrs. Robward said...

Instead of the wonderment you are the Bettiment!

The End

Twinatic said...


I found you from your awardment, so far, very amused!!!

You forgot the designer shoes off the back of the car, and you'll have to have Emmett get his internet license so he can perform the ceremony!

Bitches said...

Holy. Shit. Pee was literally trickling down my leg as I read this today at work. (my phone doesn't let me comment, don't get me started on that...) Anyhow, as I said on Mrs. Vanquish's site, you are definitely deserving of this award! Your graphic had me laughing hysterically and your thanking god for not zapping you with a bolt of lighting really threw me over the edge! I'm also very thrilled for the two of you and your upcoming nuptials...Mrs. Vanquish had better get a bangin ring.
Oh, yea, I also have to commend y'all are your great English! It amazes me how well the two of you speak and the fact that you learned it from listening to music is even more amazing!

Anonymous said...

LOL..You didnt mention cupcakes Betti.. you forgot the cupcakes!!!

Okay.. that said..

You are love!

Fire Crotch said...

*tap tap* "Is this thing on?" *ahem* "Um, Betti, Ima letchu finish in a sec, but I just wanted to say that Mrs. V. has one of the best blogs of the year." *hands mic back to Betti*

Okay, the Kanye thing is a little tired now I know, but I am still cracking up over it. The Vanquish Blog Academy...hehe...I think I need to join so I can be a voting member. You crack me up! Congratulations on this prestigious award!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

oh Fire, uhm - your statement makes me a little bit abashed. But thank you - a lot!! The problem with you being a voting member would be that you can´t get this award once yourself.. just saying :)

And because I can´t say this often enough:
Love you Betti.. :)