Monday, May 25, 2009

• one wolf is given "a twilight kiss"

"A Twilight Kiss" featured "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)" in a blogpost today. Blogger Lorna wrote a sweet review:
"I was immediately struck by the tribal percussion that echoed the Quilete ancestry, as well as the poignant notes that evoked the trees, the air and the throbbing lope of a lone wolf in search of burning answers before he can rejoin the pack."

And a little later:
"The song struck me the same way the Annie Lennox song for The Lord of the Rings did. It’s haunting, sad with a hint of hope. Actually, I see it making more of an impact in Eclipse… in that scene when Jacob receives the invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding… He morphs into a wolf and as he runs the song fades in…"

You're right with that, Lorna. I can see it... thanks a lot. 
A Twilight Kiss back atcha!

BTW: the quote in my head banner emerged from my email conversation with Lorna...

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lorna said...

This is fantastic! Thanks! :-D