Wednesday, May 27, 2009

• twilight-gifts for free

Are you a Twilight-widower trying to get back your robsessed wife's attention? Need a gift for your twicrack teenage daughter, but Pocket Edward is too expensive? Or just want some low cost Twilight movie-memorabilia for yourself?
Here are some suggestions... (try at your own risk)

Bella's potted cactus
Remember the first appearance of Bella in the movie?
Capture this unforgettable moment by adding 
a little movie quote to one of your indoor plants.
If you want to give this to a Twilight fan, 
note: a baby cactus will probably do better than a geranium...

Charlie's best lamp
A resurrection of the profound conversation between 
Bella and her loving dad Charlie, 
when Bella enters her Forks residence. 

The do-it-yourselfers among you will love this one. 
The clue: it is "edible art" at the same time! 
Hint: give it away soon, before it starts to smell...

For the advanced...
A real unique gift idea for hardcore Twilight fans who already have everything. 
Makes a hell of an impact, you'll see! 
All you need is a good old sledgehammer or something similar. 
Smash a clearly visible dent into your wife's or friend's car. 
Wait until she screams, then say the words: 
"Can't you just thank me and get over it?"

ShowHype: hype it up!

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That's truly fucking great! Seriously!