Friday, November 05, 2010

I feel the love...

Last night I had fun listening to the announcement of the Fandom People Award results on blog radio. Not only did I score the Visual Innovation Award for the most creative banner, they also pronounced my name right, yay! :)

It was once again my animated, i.e. self-tattooing banner for Hunterhunting's Clipped Wings & Inked Armor that made it.

I also made "All Stars" in other art categories which means I was nominated often enough to make it to the voting rounds, but hey - we all know there's only one true Rose Arcadia (who has a damn sexy voice btw). Congrats, BB!!

This one makes me especially happy: All Star Reviewer, which means I was nominated more than six times for giving insightful reviews!! Love that!

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted, who ever you are. I felt the love. And thanks to the twific pimp girls who made this great effort to spread positive vibes when fandom needed them most. For the fun and the love :)