Thursday, December 17, 2009

The effect of reading rated M fan fic

The following conversation between me and my dear hubs took place yesterday night. It was very... pleasant.
To give credit to whom it belongs, I posted a transcript of it as a fan fic review (of sorts) on to... well, I'll tell you afterwards, ok?
- - - - - - - -
Somewhere in Northern Germany...
Mr.B: What's the matter with you, wife?
Betti: What do you mean? Can I not just snuggle into my hubs when I feel like it?
Mr.B: I don't know, you seem weird - why are you biting my neck?
Betti: Because I love you so much, and will do so for the rest of my life!
Mr.B: And you can't love me for the rest of your life without giving me a hickey?
Betti: Stop whining! I want to ask you something.
Mr.B: (warily) U-hu?
Betti: Don't you feel sometimes like taking me out for a picnic under the stars or anything?
Mr.B: WHAT?!?
Betti: You heard me.
Mr.B: Not really - you tongue was in my ear.
Betti: I just realized that you never really proposed to me and...
Mr.B: (with narrowed eyes) Were you just reading fan fic again?!?
Betti: Yes, but...
Mr.B: Aha!!
Betti: ?
Mr.B: No picnic, ok? It's December!
Betti: Proposal?
Mr.B: What were you reading?
Betti: EdwardtookBellaoutforapicnickunderthestarswherehepropoesedtoher!
Mr.B: And then? What happened then? Did Bella make Edgar a hickey?
Betti: It's Edward, and no - she didn't make a hickey. She said yes and then she f*cked him out off the orbit, ok?
Mr.B: I see. That's very romantic.
Betti: I know, right?
Mr.B raises from the couch, puts the plaid blanket down on the carpet and motions for Betti to sit down. He fetches two cups of yogurt from the fridge, and two spoons, and joins Betti on the floor. They eat silently. And then...
Mr.B: Betti Gefecht, if we weren't married yet, would you marry me? Again?
Betti: ...
Mr.B: Come on, yes or no?
Betti: I cannot answer immediately; you're supposed to be anxious and doubtful now. So when I finally say yes, you almost can't believe it and you are ├╝ber-happy!
Mr.B: I can assure you I'm very doubtful indeed!
Betti: (huskily) Yes...!
Subsequent events censored for a reason.
30 Minutes later, the above 'review' was written...
- - - - - - - -

I thank fragilefoxes for the wonderful, romantic, touching and inspiring chapter 10 of In The Blood! *sighs*

And look - the hubs says Thank You, too!


Smuttier Than You said...

Awww Betti, this was too funny!!! Mr. B is such a good sport *hugs*

marie said...

LOL! That is hilarious! You're one lucky lady. ;)

fragile little human said...

Aw, so sweet! I'm glad Pushy's lemon-writing skills have resulted in such happiness :)

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok, first. You are too cute with your fanfic RL evening.
Second, I suck. Now, I need to go and read In the blood.

One Pushy Fox said...

Oh, Mr. Betti's such a sweet heart!!!! I'm glad we can help, in some small part, to making him happy! Although I suspect the day you met sealed it for him in the first place. :)


Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

That was precious! I could just seem him and his yogurt lol you are one lucky lady!

spellbound said...

Awwww, Mr. Betti is adorable! You're so lucky to have a husband who appreciates what Twi-fic does for him! I think mine is just now catching on ;). The yogurt picnic was so sweet! And man there! Btw, the dog pic was so cute! And now I'm gonna add "In the Blood" to my ever growing list of ff's to read!

My word verification: swersur As in "I swersur, I was working on the spread sheet!"~~ What to say to your boss when he catches you reading fanfic, lol...

17foreverlisa said...

I'm sure this thread is long dead, but I just have to comment. I'm having the hardest time keeping up with all of the blogs I'd love to follow every day, so sorry this is late.

This post is just too damn cute. From the canine couple to the impromptu picnic with "your Edward." Lucky, lucky girl. I held out for the longest time on reading ff and now I'm ridiculously hooked, which was just what I was afraid of. I haven't clued my husband in on what I'm reading late into the night, but he's beginning to suspect something. He's not complaining, though, mind you ;)

cutie said...

You = Wonderful.
I love this! And the picture of Mr. Betti is CLASSIC!!!!! =)