Saturday, September 18, 2010

Master of the Universe Tribute Song

So 'Master of the Universe' by Snowqueens Icedragon had its anniversary. Here's my own little tribute to it. "Fifty Shades", a MotU theme song of sorts. Enjoy.

(MP3 Download available HERE)

Quick to be angered
Hard to please
Hot and cold and bittersweet
Everything about him
Makes me weak in the knees
And yet I'm still on my feet
Cuz when he shifts his way
From bright to moody
It's just one of the fifty shades
Of his Beauty

Some call him master
Some call him a mess
Sometimes it hurts
Sometimes I want it faster
Sometimes I want less
Love comes in spurts (little spurts)
Because the gift he makes me
Is a treasure
He gives me fifty shades
Of pleasure

Doubt swiftly fades
Here's my confession:
(Goddess to god, inner goddess calling)
I crave his fifty shades
Of love and passion

Fifty shades of love...


Anonymous said...

Sooo H.O.T.!!
Love, love, love it!!!
Can't get enough of FiftyShades!!!


Beans827 said...

Wow...that was really fantastic! I wish they'd make that movie and use your song as it's soundtrack. Man, that was seriously wicked good. You have a beautiful voice and I love the song. Great great job!!!