Friday, May 29, 2009

Rob Pattinson looks at you

Just a little graphic experiment... (thought I'd share it) 
Used one of my favourite GQ pics to make this.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

• shirtless Rob (New Moon Spoiler!)

I'm trying to remember how to breath... OH. MY. GOD.
Pillow Biters: Nekked Edward Cullen Edition *spoiler*

• twilight-gifts for free

Are you a Twilight-widower trying to get back your robsessed wife's attention? Need a gift for your twicrack teenage daughter, but Pocket Edward is too expensive? Or just want some low cost Twilight movie-memorabilia for yourself?
Here are some suggestions... (try at your own risk)

Bella's potted cactus
Remember the first appearance of Bella in the movie?
Capture this unforgettable moment by adding 
a little movie quote to one of your indoor plants.
If you want to give this to a Twilight fan, 
note: a baby cactus will probably do better than a geranium...

Charlie's best lamp
A resurrection of the profound conversation between 
Bella and her loving dad Charlie, 
when Bella enters her Forks residence. 

The do-it-yourselfers among you will love this one. 
The clue: it is "edible art" at the same time! 
Hint: give it away soon, before it starts to smell...

For the advanced...
A real unique gift idea for hardcore Twilight fans who already have everything. 
Makes a hell of an impact, you'll see! 
All you need is a good old sledgehammer or something similar. 
Smash a clearly visible dent into your wife's or friend's car. 
Wait until she screams, then say the words: 
"Can't you just thank me and get over it?"

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• tvmag raffles off twilight music cds

The big German TV-Magazine "Fernsehwoche" is wondering "why billions of mother and daughters love Edward" and goes into the matter in their latest edition, publication date: may 29 (so this is an exclusive sneak peek, kind of...). They made my day by deciding to feature "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)". Addionally they'll raffle off some "One Wolf"-CDs. How cool is that?
Due to the opportunity for German Twilight fans, here's a translation:

Die große deutsche Programmzeitschrift "Fernsehwoche" geht in ihrer neuesten Ausgabe der Frage nach, "warum Millionen Mütter und Töchter Edward lieben". Das Heft, Ausgabe 23, erscheint am 29. Mai (insofern ist das hier ein exklusiver First Look vorab, sozusagen).  Das Magazin versüßte mir den Tag, indem sie "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)" erwähnen und zusätzlich einige "One Wolf"-Maxi-CDs verlosen.
Zum Mitmachen: die "Fernsehwoche" ist ab Freitag am Kiosk (kostet 1 Euro) - angegebene Hotline anrufen (oder Fax schicken), Kennwort nennen ("Twilight"), fertig. Viel Glück!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

• video of the day

Funny. Sweet. Lovable.

• twilight fans of the day

My friend Claudia and her girl cousin Ann-Christin show off their Twilight obsession in a private photo shoot. Isn't that cute? They almost re-enacted the complete movie.

2 generations, 2 apples, 1 thing on their minds...

Ann-Christin becoming Claudia's personal brand of heroin

The meadow library. 
Pics were taken (and directed) by Claudia's hubby.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

• one wolf, many tounges

I really love how "One Wolf" made me learn foreign languages. :-) Examples?

- In Taylor Is Jacob, a "non-official source about Taylor Lautner in the Twilight Saga", it's said in Español:
"Una canción para Jacob: One Wolf (...) queríamos compartir con todos vosotros su bella canción" 
Ha, love it!  

- This Spanish one is from Luna Nueva Pelicula:
"Aquí podéis escuchar la canción de Betti Gefecht inspirada en Jacob Black de la película Luna nueva"

- It's also very nice in Portuguese, as seen at Into Twilight Portugal:
"Uma cantora alemã, Betti Gefecht, grande fã da saga Twilight escrveu uma música para o Jacob Black."
Yep, can't deny that...

- My favourite is the Swedish feature:
"En sång till Jacob: tack snälla Betti Gefecht för att hon vill dela med sig av denna fantastiska låt till Jacob Black! Betti är en tysk sångare/sångskrivare och är också ett stort fan av Twilight. Klicka på denna länk så kan du ladda ner "Jacob´s Song"

It's even more fun if you read it (attention - Edward-quote:) OUT LOUD! Honestly, give it a try! Love that "Klicka på denna länk" part.

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• one wolf is given "a twilight kiss"

"A Twilight Kiss" featured "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)" in a blogpost today. Blogger Lorna wrote a sweet review:
"I was immediately struck by the tribal percussion that echoed the Quilete ancestry, as well as the poignant notes that evoked the trees, the air and the throbbing lope of a lone wolf in search of burning answers before he can rejoin the pack."

And a little later:
"The song struck me the same way the Annie Lennox song for The Lord of the Rings did. It’s haunting, sad with a hint of hope. Actually, I see it making more of an impact in Eclipse… in that scene when Jacob receives the invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding… He morphs into a wolf and as he runs the song fades in…"

You're right with that, Lorna. I can see it... thanks a lot. 
A Twilight Kiss back atcha!

BTW: the quote in my head banner emerged from my email conversation with Lorna...