Saturday, November 07, 2009

New Twi Fic Graphics

These are two out of eight illustrations I made so far for the romantic/lemonicous Twilight fan fiction of sorts "Your True Colors" by notwhatyouthink
The left one is for chapter 6 "I'll walk you home.", and the right one is for chapter 9 "Don't touch her, asshole!" (Uhh... I love that chapter title!!).

All eight have been uploaded to
Check the sidebar, and click the thumbnails to see the full size images. Enjoy!


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Well, those pics are more like teasers:)) I see that at least you know already the headlines of the chapters?

I love how you made Rob blond ;))

I specially love Gotcha!!

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

nice work!!!!!!!!!!

uhyesplease said...

I LOVE THEM!!! I already gave some loving over on NWYT's blog - but had to give the artist her due here too. They are perfect!!!

And if your bloggy peeps aren't reading her fic, they're totally missing out!

SBGDGT said...

Well, I went over to YTC blog and left her a comment, but I missed coming here and showing you love too. (I know, i've been in massive fail mode lately)

I LOVE these :) They are perfect teasers for the story to come! I'm a little jealous that you are in the know, but that is eased a little with these pics you gave us. They are awesome! :) Great job!