Sunday, August 09, 2009

Button Manufacture closed

So yes... I thought I'd better announce this in a blogpost of its own, so there'd be no misunderstandings.
Due to the unexpectedly huge response, though much to my regret, I had to close down the Twilight Animated Button Manufacture yesterday. 
Everyone who added themselves to my followers before yesterday, be assured I keep my promise!
I always had (and still have) a lot of fun exploring the blogs and websites, taking in the special vibe of each of them and then wrap it all up and bring it to life in those little animated pieces.
But I just cannot keep up what occured to be a sweet and rewarding idea back in times when a new follower would only appear once a month. Currently there are still 12 buttons in queue and I'm having hard times to catch up. It all got a little out of hand...
I also felt that my blog has been taken over by this whole button thing. I hardly didn't post anything lately safe new buttons announcements - which really was not what I intended this all to be about. So I really needed a break.
As I said: Those still in line will get their buttons, promise! Anyone else in "need" for one of my animated little pieces of art, may just ask and we might deal something out.


Alicia said...

Your buttons are great and I am sure people will be contacting you :) Will be nice to read other things on your blog ♥

cutie said...

Truly I think this is an EXCELLENT decision! Your buttons are super wonderful and you are beyond sweet to make them for all of us. It was such a wonderful surprise when I found out. But honestly, as you said that is not why you are here.

I can't wait to see these "last" 12 and to hear more about your Twitarded ways. :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Every one of your buttons is just as wonderful and unique as you are! But actually, I´m also happy to have you back to the blogger business.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

.... ah, lighthearted speakers the commenter who owns their button already.... LOL
nono, just kidding!
Thanks for your encouragement. Really...

Mrs. Vanquish said...

yes yes yes, I know I sound like that and honestly I´m really really happy to have my personal Betti Button, but if I wouldn´t have one right now I would invite you to the NM premier to Munich to get one..
But anyway, I have mine already :-))
Adore you Betti, and it was really only ment as encouragement !

Make Me a Vampire said...

Hi Betti! Oh my gosh, you have really made a LOT of buttons. They're all amazing, and again: thank you SO much for making my button<3. Oh, and I love the new blog layout! Have a great day!
☮& ♥

Mrs. Robward said...

I have to say, I'm Sorry Betti, I felt that maybe I pushed your wonderment Button making just a tad too far.

That was never my intention, I promise.

I just wanted to share.