Thursday, August 06, 2009

Announcement: Twi-Fic, Me-Likey-Fic

It's plain to see the nice guy below (well familiar to us all, isn't he?) is pretty much enjoying himself. 
Just like me, he just can't get enough of the reading matter commonly known as fan fiction. 


Personally, I got hooked on Twilight related (and adult) fan fiction 
(in brief: twific) by the recommendations of my sweet Twitter Sistah 
Mrs. Robward - she simply never failed me and has become my fave fan fic librarian. And it's also her fault if my animated buttons have become a little dirrrrty lately...
BTW: Lovely Mrs. Robward is writing her own twific, too! The above is the button (*) I made for her. Read the first chapters of her story "I'll be your lover, too" on Make her day by leaving a little review...

And speaking of reviews... 
I'm planning to introduce my blog readers to twific stories I relished, every once in a while. 
These will - almost unexceptionally - be stories with adult content, i.e. sex!
(So if you're not of legal age, don't click on any of the links that will be given, ok?) 
To me, the lack of sex was the most agonizing gap in Stephenie Meyer's books (sorry, Steph!). So I'm very glad to be able to fill that gap now reading twific. 

Collecting my favourites...
I will do my best to avoid spoilers. But I'll provide you with such information as little teasers, the story's signature features, related links like fansites or special discussions, my favourite quotes and a special scoring, regarding its "twi-lechery", "twi-loveliness" and "twi-fidelity" (see explanation below).
Each and every twific pimped out here, will get a permanent residence in my sidebar afterwards, so there will be a constantly growing collection of twific/fanfic links.

Curious now? Well, I hope to see you around then!
I'll leave you now with a little preview of the scoring key:

How hot is the plot? 
To answer this question, stories will be scored with 
1 up to 5 Wet Panties
All of the fanfiction to be mentioned here, will certainly have some hotness in them. Ranging from erotic scenes viewed through a soft focus lense (1 Wet Panty), to rather explicit porn (5 Wet Panties).

Hot or not - if it comes to Twilight, we won't go without romance, right? Depending on how many tears they bring to your eyes, stories get 
1 up to 5 Wet Paper Tissues
There should be one "I love you!" said, at least (1 Wet Paper Tissue). But I assure you, there are stories so heart wrenching, so deep and soul-stirring, that they make Twilight look like a sample test paper. Well, not quite. But anyway - these would be given 5 Wet Paper Tissues, of course.

To evaluate how true the story sticks to the original plot of the books by Stephenie Meyer, the scores go from 
1 up to 5 Wettest Places in the Continental US
Quite surprisingly, a lot of Twilight inspired fan fics go completely without vampires, to start with. There are stories where there's plainly nothing more left than boy-named-Edward-meets-girl-named-Bella (1 Wettest Place in the Continental US). In order to achieve 5 Wettest Places in the Continental US, the author would have to leave the universe created by Meyer completely intact, but may fill gaps, add scenes or tell it all from another character's view.

        - - - - - -
       (*) visit the complete gallery at The Twilight Button Guru


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Betti, the scoring key is fucking brilliant and matchless. !!!
I love love love you talking Twific and I´m so excited!
Great that you include Mrs.Robward she´s just lovely!

This post would need a bigger comment but, little MrsV is tired and needs some sleep.

Mrs. Robward said...

OMG! You just made my day! You are FOR SURE the bestest big sistah ever!


Big hugs for you!

Oh if you ever need help w/reviews or anything, since I, um, tend to read, um, every now & then, I'd be happy to help a sister out!

I truly lovers you!


Mrs. Robward said...

Oh see other there on your "Live Traffic Feed" =======>

When it says "Cave Spring, Georgia" that is me!



Anonymous said...

Hey there my lovely!!
Guess its been awhile..



I'm sorry.. Truly I am..

I luvs the new blog layout.. its spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Your rating system rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

That is just the best rating system EVER! Can't wait to see what you recommend...somehow I think I know what you might NOT rec *cough*Masen*cough*

half_my_self said...

Betti, can you be any more brilliant? LMAO...trying to keep it down at Barnes and Noble...but I love your rating system! :)

EtomyB said...

YAY!!! Fanfic addiction can now be satisfied thru yet another venue! And your rating system rocks. And... pause. Just pause... Can I use your rating system for that picture? Um... 5. Guess which scale that's on.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

oh boy.. now I really feel some pressure *gulp*

All your comment are worth 5 Wet Paper Tissues to me, for sure!


ApplesnFeathers--Susie said...

I LOVE the rating system! With every new fan fiction I read I think the tissues and panty rantings keep increasing lol...Betti I need to email you bc I'm putting up my separate fan fiction page and I'm plan on uploading my wednesday videos on there plus any other reviews or reccomendations, but I need a button for the sidebar of our main page to link it to...who else to go to except the wondrous Button Guru!! So email me k!!

Eyes of Amber said...

I just love your new blog layout! Your ratings system is genius. I can't wait to see your recommendations and see how you rate some of my favorites!

Mrs. Robward said...

*Waving* hey B.

Just browsing thru & seeing if I might have missed something.

Have a good day!