Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Animated Button No 31

Shit, what took me so long? I'm sorry. But I'm keeping my promises...
bloggy friend: Becky
pivotal point: RPattz Lover

Hope you don't mind if I make this short, Becky.
From your comments I took it that you like it a wee bit naughty too 
when it comes to Rob? 
So here he is... under your cover... 
yep, I was in the mood for a little wordplay ;-) 

the complete gallery: The Twilight Button Guru


Alicia said...

I like whats under that cover :P

Undercover Twilighter said...

OMG Betti, I LOVE MY NEW BUTTON!!! It's so awesome and waaaaay more than I expected! I like the spin on 'undercover'! LOL!

I was expecting something totally different! I love you now. Thank you soo very much for my way too awesome button. I don't know how you do such fabulous work!

Can't wait to show it off!

Oh, and of course I love what's under the covers! Yeeeeah!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I don't know how you do it, but it's amazing! The internet is a better place because of your handiwork :)