Monday, October 19, 2009


...for all the delays - don't blame Artsie and Fanny!

They really wanted to do their jobs, 
but due to unexpected RL events I needed them both to do MY job. 
So it's rather my fault that there was no Challenge Recap yesterday 
and Mrs.V was deserted while doing her awesome Discussion Recap.
Instead of one show on Saturday night, 
I had to do an additional one all through Sunday afternoon. 
(the pic above was actually taken yesterday 
and sent to me by a fan - cool fans, hu?).

I couldn't do that without Artsie's guidance or Fanny's enthusiasm, 
that's why I stole them from you.
All three of us were very exhausted after all the travelling and performing and 30 hrs without sleep.

Now Fanny is back at her drawing desk 
(yes - since she served me so well, I officially allowed her now 
to do her... whatever it is she does there...),
 and Artsie has started to reply to all your wonderful comments.

So just stay tuned...

...and enjoy Mrs.Vanquish's 


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Betti. You are amazing. We all understand! *kisses*

Fire Crotch said...

Love you lots lady!

itsjusme said...

No worries, I'm just glad you're back.