Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artsie makes up for German book recc - hot!

Epic Calamity Challenge Pt.2 Recap

My dear commenters,

first: I really have no words - no Recap on sunday... I know! But as you've probably read in her Monday Apology, Betti just really isn't able to cope with even the tiniest bit of art or music without me (no idea what she needed Fanny for), so I was occupied and couldn't reply earlier.

Second: In retrospective I see that I shouldn't have recommended a German book, especially not a German book with lemons. It turned out to be a kind of pre-cockblock, since the majority of US readers was frustrated even before, uhm... the act.  

I said to myself: "Artsie," I said, "you should apologize and think of something nice to make up for your flaw!" - And as usual, I couldn't help but agree with myself. 
But first things first...
Honolulu Girl
Wow. Again an amazing post Artsie!!
I'm actually really bummed that the story about Alex and Frank is only in German. It really sounds good. I will definitely pick up The Shore of Women and I have never read a Stephen King book but my husband has read several and loves his work. So I plan to pick that up as well. Thank you!!
If there's King on your book shelf, I recommend you to make use of it. Not all of his books are good, but his writing is always excellent craftmanship. 

If his books were movies (which almost all of them have already or will become - just this speaks volumes) one would say: Excellent director, just some of the screenplays are a little weak... 
As for "Lisey's Story": It's different, but I'm sure, if your husband didn't read it already, he will like it, because there's still enough of the "old" Stephen King left, of course.
I read a lot, I mean really A LOT but those three I never had in my hands! So I am very hooked and I promise you, I will read them all.
The Shore of Women: The pic is awesome and the summary sound interesting.
A gay lovestory? never read one, but I am willing to try.
I did't know SK could actually write a love story, ok this is really impressing! And Betti cried? What does that means for me ? That I have to lock myself while reading it, and that I eventually need tons of Kleenex? ..very likely... 
Thanks so much for these recs, I see you really took it serious, that is awesome.
Well, and thanks for not choosing Kafka, I hate him - or better I never got him. Although I had German "leistungskurs" Kafka was the worst mark I ever got in German, so we don't have a good relationship.
*bows* and I hug Fanny since you probably don't want to have a hug
Oh, I'm really glad you don't know any of my picks. Though this thought was one of my criteria, of course. And the reason why I went a little back in time. 

I picked "Shore of Women" because, Betti read it 8 times. I mean, 8 times? That just has to mean something, hu? 

The gay lovestory is actually written by a woman, and I guess that is the reason why it is so appealing to women. 

And the King - yes I have to advice you to fill up you Kleenex storage for this. It goes really deep, an although it is not a happy story - I mean, Lisey is a widow from the beginning - it is overall comforting and makes you believe in the power of love.

It was my pleasure to pick them all out for you. And before you hug Fanny on my behalf, I guess I take the hug. *hugs* Yes, thank you. Ok. *backs off* That's enough.
Interesting... Although recommending a German book that's only in German is sort of mean to those of us who can't read a lick of German. LOL
Yes, in retrospective, I see that was not nice. I am sorry. 
But there are still two you CAN read. So stop whining.
Fire Crotch
Okay, so I definitely will be reading #1...not sure about #3 and #2 would be quite the challenge...maybe I should try it. If you haven't read some John Irving...I recommend pretty much anything by him. Son of the Circus is kind of out there, but I really liked his most recent book. He's kind of weird but a great storyteller.
Of course, I know John Irving and I like his books. Sometimes I think he's wanting a little too much and the ways life takes in his stories are a bit over the top. But still they are the ways life takes and I love how he tells the most dramatical events kinda matter-of-factly, but with an undertone that aims at peoples hearts and hits - nonetheless.
I am going to look into Shore of Women some more and definitely put Stephen King's book on my Books to Read list for sure! I have to catch up on my John Saul first cause I abandoned him for Twilight. Yes, Artsy, Twilight... BUT I am taking your recommendations to heart! Thank you! :)
I think Mr. Saul will not be amused if he reads this. But I have no problem with you Twilight addicts as long as you don't end up like Mrs Robward (see below). 
The first recc has my interest peaked. I shall look for it. The 2nd sounds good too, but alas, I'm in the states. However, I am a diehard King fan. His books are never really about the "boogie man" his works are important b/c they are about the demons inside of us. I read Lisey's Story twice. *sigh* Yes, this is a love story. However, I also believe it is a story of the different levels of madness. Scott is crazy, his dad and brother were crazy. Lisey is crazy, her sister, the stalker. The point, I think, is that we are all just a little bit fucked up. The unconditional love of another may not save our sanity, but maybe our souls. Ok, I'll stop now. Awesome post!
What a wonderful comment, itsjustme! 
You are right, everything you say about "Lisey's Story" is right on the nail. 
I was just afraid, if I mention too much of the angst part, I might scare Mrs.V away. 
And I think she should read it.
Smuttier Than You
Oh Artsie! Thanks fo the recommendations, I needed some new material as I'm just about convinced fanfic is turning me into a borderline "innapropriate" smuthound, if there is such a thing. Although the hubs did enjoy the, er, wake-up call I gave him when I got in bed last night/early this morning *smirk*
Uhm... I'm not sure I really needed that much ...err, information about the personal effects of your usual reading matters. But, uhmmm anyway, I'm glad if I could ...uh, help.
Hey Artsie!
So, I'm adding these to my book que. I'm also a big Stephen King lover....have you read the Gunslinger series? Wow - finishing those made me feel like I finished a marathon. Gutwrenching..... But I don't really like the scary stuff either.... I mean, it's hard enough to go to bed w/o thinking there are dead things lurking below your bed, or consuming your pet, whatever... ;)
I'm sad that 2nd book isn't in English. Guess I'll just have to find me some good slash some other way!
And the first book looks super interesting - I love sci fi - and sexy scifi is a bonus!!!
Thanks for the recs!!!!!
Yes, I know what you mean. It was always like that when Betti had a Stephen King as her night reading: While I was enjoying the wonderful strong human beings fighting off the nightmares and creatures, Fanny was under the bedsheet, shaking and whining. 
I had hard times keeping Betti in balance... 
Susie From ApplesnFeathers
Artsy this was an interesting choice in books. I was thinking it would be something a little more aristocratic but I see that you do at least share Betti's amazing reading tastes(excluding Twilight Saga of course) I've read "Lisey's Story" and I was as moved as Betti was and it does suck that we American's can't get our hands on "Schneewittchens Unschuld" because it sounds absolutely beautiful. I actually enjoy alot of gay/lesbian independent films although i'm straight they intrigue me with their struggles. After I get done commenting today I will be going over to some online bookstores to get my hands on The Shore of Women. Why have I not heard of this before! It sounds amazing! Thank you for the great recommendations. I really do love books and as big of a fan of Twilight that I am I can't read just those four books for the rest of eternity lol. I'm looking forward to the tattoos...I could use a new idea for a new ankle tat!!
I agree wholeheartedly: You can't spend the rest of your life with just four books. Especially not with just THESE four books, good God! 
If I have helped just the tiniest bit to prevent this, I will say in my last hour: My life hasn't been in vain - Susie bought herself a fifth book!
One Pushy Fox
Artsie, I hope you won't be offended when I say, "You rock my socks!" I'm so looking forward to reading books #1 and #3 (I know very little German, although, crazy side note, my favorite German word is Schlüssel, I giggle everytime I hear it). Thanks for broadening my horizon beyond Twilight. :)
No offense taken, Foxy. On the contrary! Setting your uhm... foot clothing in motion is probably a good thing. I suppose.
I'm wondering whether you are able to pronounce the word Schlüssel correctly? Most Americans have trouble with the German vowel "ü". It's almost like the "y" - not like in "hymen", but like in "Hysterics", so you would speak "shlyssle". 
Another nice word which rhymes is "Rüssel" (the elephant's trunk), and you guess it by now... speak: "ryssle". Hope this was a little "Schlüsselerlebnis" for you. (key moment, speak: shlyssle-airlaibnis) 
Btw.: YOUR  horizon is not among those I'm worrying about!
Mrs. Robward
So Ms. Fanny you mean to tell me that you are saying we should read actual books? Books that have real paper pages that you have to turn? What a travesty! 
Well not really, but truth of the matter is I have not had an actual book in my hands, (besides my Bible), since reading the Saga. 
I absolutely love to read. After having my 3 kiddos I quit reading until Twilight came along & now that I abide in the world of fanfic, I wonder why I ever stopped.
STEPHEN KING! One of my all time fav authors! 
Thanks for all the reccs. Will I ever get to reading them? Maybe someday, but I promise you this, when I get the urge to read a real book, I know where to go! 
It's Artsie. You hear me? Artsie! And just Artsie, please. No Ms.!
And yes, I was talking about real books. Paper. Pages. Turn.
You might have to moisten your finger to do so. A nice change for once, wet finger instead of wet... well, you know.

There you see what Twilight does to unsuspecting readers. It keeps people from reading other books. A shame! 
*shakes head* I don't know what to say... I really don't.

So what is my gift this time? 
Not what I wanted to do for you.
I had planned on translating one or two hot lemons from the German book into English, just for the pleasure of it. Unfortunately, Betti lent it out to a person who isn't available right now, so: no lemons from "Schneewittchens Unschuld".

What to do, what to do...?
Finally I thought, since you all liked the illustration of sexy Arvil from "Shore of Women" so fine (and since there was no Rob in my last challenge!), I could show you a few more of Fanny's illustrated fantasies of Rob... err, Arvil...

Since they are not all appropriate for all ages, I had to hide them under this



itsjustme said...

Well hell, the pics killed me. Nothing beats naked Rob---NOTHING! Thank you

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Geezus! Those pics are just as good as fanfic. Can you just make me a fanfic with pictures? I LOVE IT!! Damn it I just want to post your link everywhere and tell everyone to come to your site and see it. I'm hyper right now. I just had a lot of sugar. Sorry.

One Pushy Fox said...

Great recap, Artsie!!! And I remember Schlüssel being pronounced that way in Munich (before my lost luggage and the heat wave destroyed my enjoyment of the city - but I digress....) but no, when I pronounce it in my head it's: Shloossel. In my defense, my Midwestern American accent forces me to make nearly all vowel sounds hard. That's just how we roll out here. :)

BTW, the picks are F*CK HAWT! And my desire to read that book just went up tenfold!

Mrs. Robward said...

Artsie I owe you an apology, I called you Fanny.

::on my knees:: "I'm sorry" *tear*

Mrs. R

Smuttier Than You said...

Artsie!! Holy fucking shit!!! The pics...heart is racing....feeling faint....I think I just died! I love you!

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Great recap Artsie!! I have purchased Shore of Women and waiting for it to come in the mail so yes you have accomplished a great thing...getting me to read something other than a vampire book lol