Friday, October 09, 2009

Artsie practising social intercourse Pt.1

My dear commenters,

first of all I would like to thank you deep from my heart for taking the time to attend to my very first solo blogpost, and for sharing your thoughts. 
Yes, I got a little emotional indeed about the way you all appreciated my work, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. For once.
When I learned that Fanny and Mrs.V are going to post a recap of the first part of their blog collaboration, I said to myself: "Artsie" I said, "you too should honor your commenters with a proper response!" - And as usual, I couldn't help but agree with myself. I even made a little gift for you! But first things first...

...and first of all, of course, I shall reply to my very dear challenger!
Mrs. Vanquish:
Really, this was far from what I expected!! 
I told you so, didn't I. 
You impressed me by your deep insight into the Twilight universe. After all it looks like you know quite a bit about Twilight? ;)
Of course I do, I read the books and saw the movie... repeatedly. 
I didn't really had any choice about it, because WHAT and HOW OFTEN I read or watch something, is totally under Betti's control. And it is my job to consider and judge everything she consumes, so... well.
I never thought RobPattz could look like those great artists, but the pictures you choose are awesome!
I love how you pointed out the similarities between Edward and van Gogh!
In fact, I'm holding Mr. Pattinson in high esteem. I think he is a very talented young man and it's a shame to reduce his multi-facetted personality to his impersonation of Edward. (There's more convincing material at the end of this post).

If you allow me one personal remark, I would like to say that you and Fanny did an awesome job over at letsridethevanquish. I even have to admit, Fanny seemed extraordinary coherent... by her standards.
She shouldn't have made these... scribblings, though. And I don't approve of all the encouragement she's getting.

My dear Artsie,
It is a damn shame Fanny and Mrs V have "banned" you from the discussion. =( This is a sadness for sure. I always enjoy your depth and no holds bar look at all things Twilight. And I must admit, I often agree wholeheartedly with you.
Dear Cutie,
your comment really touched me and made me feel like I've found some soulmate of sorts. I admit that it hurt me a little to be banned from the discussion, but honestly: I probably would just have been the party-pooper, don't you think? And though Fanny often is a real pain in the neck, I do not begrudge her the fun.
Now onto the amazing work you have done. *pats Artsie on the back*
Thank you, but please don't... touch me, ok? I'm a little... uhm.. just don't.
1. Dali - LONG before Twilight and Mr. P Dali has been a favorite in the Cutie house. *looks over at four books about Dali* Mr. Cutie especially loves him. Excellent pick!
I'd never thought it could be that way, but well... I've learned a lot during my short time solo blogging here. I think I must apologize to all the Twilight fans around here, because I used to underestimate them thoroughly. And I'm really sorry. I should have known, if only because of Betti. But I didn't really understand, how she... 
anyway - I see now, that you are smart and educated people, with a variety of interests. And this whole Twilight... thing is just all about fun and feelings and romantic and such, and I guess it is important. Or so I think.
Oh, and please... my compliments to Mr. Cutie.
2. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing some of Renoir's work at a museum in Washington DC. Truly an amazing man and his paintings are beyond words.
Oh you saw the originals... that must have been awesome. I wished Betti would take me there too some day.
3. Oh van Gogh... I have a bag with Starry Night on it. True story. Absolutely wonderful. And I LOVE the picture comparison of Mr. P and Mr. G. Wowzers!
Well, I'm not sure whether I like such a thing like a van Gogh bag, but I take it you love that item. And as I said... I recently learned a lot *smiles wryly*. So *clears throat* I'm sure it looks great on you. As for the pic comparison, like I said, there's a little thing I made at the end of this post.

Honolulu Girl:
I love these banners and I love art. I think you did a fabulous job!!!
Thank you very much. I took my task very serious and I'm glad you appreciate my work. I would also like to compliment you on your name, it is very... illustrious.

Fire Crotch:
And the Rob look-alikes are hilarious!
I wouldn't use the term "hilarious" but - I understand you liked them? I'm still trying to get used to the jargon you people use.
Anyway, I think Mr. Pattinson is more than just a handsome young man, and I wanted to illustrate that. There's more "hilarity" if you scroll down. Hope you like it.

Susie From ApplesnFeathers:
Your educational and artistic explanations are epic in a way only you can pull off! Bravo!
I bow down to your ability to see my genius, Susie. Thank you. 
I know you own some of Betti's CDs, and I want to use the opportunity to let you know that Betti didn't listen to me all the time when she recorded that music. There's also a lot of... uhm... Fanny in it. Ok?

Call of Duty Widow:
Fanny should not be allowed to draw close ups of body parts. At first glance I thought the nose was a pair of hairy tits.
Aha! Listen to this! In fact, Fanny wasn't allowed to draw anything, far less close ups of body parts! Betti even locked away any drawing materials, pens and paper. We have no idea how she managed to... I'm not the secondhand embarrassment kind of person, but the biology scene... really!!

These banners are EPIC!! I'm a huge Renoir and Van Gogh fan, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those banners. Now if KStew weren't in them, they'd be perfect.
I'm very honored you liked my art, because I do admire your writing. Although it's still Twilight fan fic. I think you should write something original, not twi-related stuff some day to let your talent shine outside these bounds. And about KStew - well, I was bound here, thanks to Mrs.V

Okay... This was funny. All three banners were fantastic!
Funny? I don't know... but I'm pleased if you had "fun". So... thank you.
I will say that my favorite banner is the van Gogh, but it's more becuase I really like that painting of van Gogh's. (Ask my Starbucks coffee press and shot glass with the ame art.)
I like that painting too. Starbucks, hu? It's a strange world outside...
But something creeps me out about the whole thing... Robward looks a lot like van Gogh. I never realised that until you posted the two pics together.
He can look a lot like whoever he wants to. It's amazing. More creep-out-worthy pics below.

Smuttier Than You:
Aww Artsie! I love love LOVE the banners! Skill such as yours is one of a kind!
I am truly glad you like the banners despite of the lack of any smut. I had some smutty things on my mind, but the alarm bell rang before I made it to my Gauguin or Egon Schiele banners. Maybe next time...

Artsie! Lovely job! Not that I didn't except some serious great work - but still - it's fantastic!
Uhyesplease...! *sighs* What shall I do with you? *shakes head* I don't know what to say. I started reading "Destiny". Will you reveal your true identity one day? I know you are no writing greenhorn, yet still you think you can fool me. I'm not mad at you, it's just... well, we'll discuss that another time. Thanks for your kind words.
I'm such an Impressionist lover...Def my favs..and there is a lot of Dali in my house too... The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdamn is da bomb diggity
As I said in my reply to Cutie before, you Twilight lovers are some astounding people.

WoW!!!! These were AMAZING! Loved them....absolutely AWESOME!!! 
Genius job Artsie!
I adore your enthusiasm, thanks very much. And Betti wants me to say "Welcome to this blog!". She said, if I'd do this on her behalf, it would be a good exercise for me in social intercourse. I'm practising.

Mrs. Robward:
Good job Betti --
I mean Artsie! I am so proud of you. You really are an artist! Your thoughts were so, so.....DEEP. (evil grin) Hope ur not missin Fanny too much! 
Auntie Stacy
Thanks, auntie. And since I'm practising social intercourse... I never had a chance to thank you for helping to find my name. Fanny likes hers too. You know, it was because of you when Betti got us out for the first time, and we didn't have names before. So yes, thanks.  
I also want to say that you did improve a lot in your writing, you actually do with every new chapter. And even without Fanny (yes I miss her a little), Betti is enjoying your story very much.

Wow!! Awesome banners. Your skills are quite amazing. 
Is it ok if I'm jealous?

And now, like I promised, here's my gift to all you fabulous commenters. You Twilight fans are awesome people of heart and mind, and without Fanny's continuous and high-pitched giggling and chattering, I finally saw this for myself. 
So here's my little gift, since you all enjoyed the comparisons so much. 

Starting out with the three you already know, I give to you...

Robert Pattinson impersonating famous painters 
Don't miss Mrs.Vanquish's epic RECAP of Pt.1 of the "Book vs. Movie Discussion" on Sunday!

I hope I see you all next Wednesday, wenn I do the literature challenge?
Love, Artsie

- - - - -

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Mrs. Vanquish said...

Artsie, I adore you. Really I do, although you laugh about Fanny and me. It's Ok. I know where it comes from ;) And Thank you tons for the laud. I means a lot to me.

The pictures from Rob and those Artists are epic!!! A wonderment!

I am curious about the next challenge. I am sure you surprise me.
(*wispers* but I am really curious about a specific challenge... Can't wait to see how you handle it)

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

First. You are insanely talented. So is Betti and Fannie. Second. I heart your replies to our comments. Some, of them I'm cracking up at. Third, really. It takes a lot of time and effort to do what you do and I completely appreciate it. *waving arms in front of her* I'm not worthy..

Anonymous said...

Funny! Like it.


One Pushy Fox said...

So, Artsie, I'm reading the recap and thinking, "Wow, it's so nice of Artsie to respond to everyone." Then I get to the end and no response to my very witty comment. Only I find out that my very witty comment NEVER POSTED!!!!

Crap! Damn! Fwlekrjwlkjsakldj!

OK, just so you don't think I didn't care, I did read your post and thought I wrote how much I enjoyed your take on the Twilight kiss and your amazing creativity. It was like being back in art school again. But I suspect, instead of hitting "Post" I went and had another drink and well....

Sorry. :(

I'm very much looking forward to this coming week's post.


uhyesplease said...

Ooh! I'm so glad you told me about this post - my blogroll is so neglected and if not for Twitter and reminders to read, I don't. I know, boo on me.

Anyway - yes, I adore the Impressionist period - both Art and Musically. But I love you, *ahem* all three of you, even more.

And, I promise you - I am a greenhorn - no lie! It's fun to do something with my crazy imagination again. That, I have to admit, has always been there, in use in one way or another.

Finally - those pictures! I can't imagine the time it took to find each and match them so perfectly. I said to myself, "Artsie needs to send these off to RPattz manager! That's some serious inspiration!" I mean, I think of Picasso as some old dude with a beret - I had no idea about his 'young' self.

And Mrs. V said - totally epic!

Annie said...

Holy hell, those pictures are amazing!!!! You and Mrs. V. are both too talented for your own good. You are goddesses, for rizzle.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this and the Movie vs. Book Discussion! :D

cutie said...

Artsie, this might be my most favorite recap EVER. The End. =D