Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Epic Calamity Challenge Pt3

The game goes on...
And here we are with part three of the challenging task list Mrs. Vanquish had sent to me. This is Artsie speaking, and I'm all alone here... again.
(If you are new to this blog and don't know what this is all about, please check the related links at the end of this posting for your enlightenment)
Mrs.V asked me to change the order of tasks and do the music challenge this week, because it fits better into the timeline of the book vs. movie discussion over at Let's Ride The Vanquish.

Challenge No3: Find Bella's Lullaby!
This is the task, in Mrs. Vanquish's very own words:

Skip this?? Are you kidding me?! Artsie never skips! 
But I admit it was really hard
And not everybody might get 
why I chose the piece I will present to you.
It's a composition by the uncomparable 
Paco de Lucia.
The title is: CANCIÓN DE AMOR

Yeah... I know, but give me a chance, ok? 
It is important that you are patient, and listen to me, BEFORE you check the music out! You will see why...
Mr. de Lucia is a Spanish guitarist, as you all probably know, and the piece is originally played on guitar... but nonetheless: I had a certain feeling about it, so I asked Betti. She listened to it and said: 
"Yes, it's a beautiful tune, but I don't see how this would work as the actual Lullaby, because you know... Edward played the piano."
Very helpful... *snorts*

So I tried the impossible, and... 
I actually found a rendition of de Lucia's composition, performed on the piano. Or better: on two pianos - which is perfect, because we are assuming anyway, that the skillz of Edward, the vampire are beyond mad, right?

So... this piece is NOT easy 
to listen to. 
The two awesome ladies playing here, Katia & Marielle Labéque, are performing the initially more tender composition with such ferocious passion and freedom of expression... that I immediately thought of Edward playing. 

I made Betti listen, and this she said:

"Oh my God, yes - that's him! 
It's not Edward playing it to Bella in the Cullen house. But it's Edward playing it all alone.. it's the troubled, brooding Edward, the tortured one. All his love, all his devotion, but also his doubts and hurts and his fear for Bella, her body and soul, is running through his hands right into the keys - without holding back. 
He starts softly, as if wanting to play the tender tune he had made up for her, but his mind running wild and for once... here alone with his music... he let go. This isn't any longer just the sleeping girl in her bedroom, this is the complete and complicated story of his impossible love to the fragile human he would die for... told from Edward's point of view!"
WOW... right? 
I might add, Betti said this after she had stopped crying(!) over the music.
Ok, so this is serious now. I am Artsie, and I mean it:

I ask you to consider 3 things when you relish it...

1. Below is a video of Paco de Lucia's original performance on guitar. 
Please listen to the first 35 to 40 seconds, at least once, in order to hear the original theme, i.e. the clean melody, which starts at 0.20. It will help you to recognize it later in "Edward's piano performance".

2. Take a look at the pic below, and the expression on Edward's face. 
THIS is how he's playing, not the serene way you might have seen him play for Bella on the dvd.
Imagine him, perhabs, play in a lonely room, the night he decides to leave Bella for her own goods... in New Moon? Take this idea in!!!

3. You have the idea of the melody? You have the image of passionate, unrestrained musical Edward in your mind? He doesn't know you're listening - but you are there...
Press play, close your eyes, be there, and please:
listen to the end!



Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Just beautiful. I used to take piano lessons when I was younger and always wanted to continue as an adult but 1) Don't have a piano (I did when I was younger) and 2) My piano teacher was mean! But I really enjoyed the song and could picture Edward playing this. Loved it.

itsjustme said...

Oh Betti the song is just beautiful! And the look on Rob's face in that pic is priceless.

SBGDGT said...

First, once I started the guitar video, there was NO turning it off. It had me awestruck... Beautiful!

Second, I am a sucker for instrumental music. And any good looking guy who is actually playing a piano decently is such a turn on. Always has been, always will be. (if you check out my meme answers, Beethoven has been one of my favorite musical artists ever since I was 3 when I started learning to play Fur Elise. Anyway...)

Third, I didn't want it to end... :*) I had to sit there a few min with my eyes closed letting it all sink in. The piano is absolutely, hands-down, my favorite instrument. French horn in 2nd then acoustic guitar in a very close 3rd. That was a very, VERY beautiful piece.

Smuttier Than You said...

Artsie, I'll have you know I am not a cryer....except when it comes to music. Tears are now streaming down my face at work. Beautiful, closing my eyes, and imaginging the dueling emotions, just...speechless. You cease to amaze me.

Call of Duty Widow said...

This song is seriously very beautiful. Makes me miss playing piano. Must find time to do that, the piano is just sitting there. The only people playing it are 3 years old and 7 months old. Sad, sad. Anyway, nice find, the music is very appropriate and amazing!

uhyesplease said...

I hadn't heard that (or the musician) before - so thanks for sharing something new with me!

I can totally see where Edward would play/feel in this piece. I also really loved the piano arrangement. Dare I say, liked it more than the original!

Thanks Artsie for sharing!!!!

PS - Mrs. V, I don't mind the original lullaby at all. It's a bit cheesy - but that sucker gets stuck in your head like no tomorrow (which is the general idea!) I think my only complaint is with how simple it was - of course, it's for a pretty simple movie, so I guess it fit!

Carry on!

Mrs. Robward said...


I love you. I love your music shizz. I love your cankles.

Mrs. Robward

Mrs. Vanquish said...

First, I fell bad for not comment earlier. This morning I was just overwhelmed when I heard it for the first time, at work I really didn't dare to hear it again. But now I'm home.
What shall I say? WIME is here, just saying. Everything emotional triggers water in my eyes and this was just beautiful. I closed my eyes and thought about everything Edward dealt with while writing this piece of art or when he struggles if it's right to want Bella.
The pic and the expression on his face is perfect.

Please please let me hug you ! (if you don't want one Betti has to take a few more..)


Mrs. Vanquish said...

@uhyesplease: I was just so dissapointed when I heard it for the first time. I wasn't like I thought it would be. I like it though. it grew on me :) Everytime I hear it (and I hear the soundtrack daily) I see them sitting in the trees and Edward playing Piano. I agree it fits somehow to the movie.
Before I went to see it in the theatre I found on Youtube a piano piece which was supposed to be Bella's Lullaby and I loved it a lot. It was a pity they didn't took it..

Woot, long comment..

Fire Crotch said...

It's not what I would necessarily think of for a lullabye, but I definitely could see Edward creating something like this for Bella. It has its sweet moments and its intense, emotional moments and then it ends when you think it should just keep on going forever. I like it...much better than what they did in the movie...that was ALL sorts of wrong.