Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Button Guru / Dedication / Rules

Remember the first Button Guru Bartering?
...when fragilelittlehuman composed an awesome oneshot fanfic around my song "Bedtime Stories" in exchange for two animated buttons? That was awesome, and well... she set quite a benchmark. Which might be one reason why noone else came to offer another bartering to the Guru afterwards...
Well, the Button Guru is not easy to please, but he's more down to earth than you might think. In order to release his twiciples of fear and doubt, he laid down some rules for those willing to swap (see end of this post)

Anyway... at least one bloggy friend wasn't that easy to be scared and lately asked for a deal. Fearless Honolulu Girl form True Blood Twilight offered me to make a video for one of my songs. And the Button Guru accepted.

But I'd never thought I would get something that beautiful...
As usual, I didn't impose any restrictions as to content or style, I just chose the song and told her I might want to dedicate it to someone special.
Honolulu Girl put so much heart and huge parts of her own life into this gem - I literally melted to the floor when I watched it for the first time. She surprised me big time! I honestly never liked my own song more... and the Button Guru is hell-bent to outdo himself!
Thank you so much, Honolulu Girl!

My heartfelt dedication...
--------So with this adorable, brave (and kick ass creative) musicclip,
--------it's the perfect occasion to do what I've been wanting to do
--------quite a while, for several reasons and with heart and soul:

--------I herewith dedicate my song "When A Baby Is Born"
--------(brought to life in beautiful images by the amazing Honolulu Girl)
--------to a friend who is a talented writer and devoted doula.

--------This is yours, Uhyesplease:


Credits & Links

"When A Baby Is Born" from the album
"Do The Right Thing" by Betti Gefecht
Honolulu Girl: True Blood Twilight Twitter

How to allure the Button Guru: The Rules
1. If you have something I might want, we can bargain.The only condition not negotiable is: It has to be something money can't buy.
Which means, you won't get a button for a Twilight merch, for instance. People have tried to barter with things that are only available in the US, but the Button Guru is a bitch when it comes to bartering. An exception might be "customized" goods, but it depends...
2. Usually it would be something someone does, or a selfmade thing. If I don't know anything about you, I can not suggest anything myself. It depends on what you can do or have or... dunno. So if you want a button, you would either have to come up with suggestions yourself, or tell me something about your talents, hobbies etc., so that I could challenge you.

Oh yes, the Button Guru figured out a while ago that his work is highly esteemed and that making buttons and banners is so much more fun this way...

3. The Button Guru never asks for a mission impossible! He just loves to challenge peoples' inspiriation. If someone isn't much of an artist but can maybe knit - he might be happy with a pair of wrist-warmers.
That's pretty much it. I love bartering, I love creative ideas and being surprised with things...


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

1) I heart you big time Betti! You are so amazing and such a talented person, well, I just can't say enough good things about you without sounding like a lesbian. Hehehe.
2) I was honored that you even let me do a video to one of your songs.
3) I'm even more honored that you like it and posted it.
I lurve you!!!

SBGDGT said...

That was just... Wow! The song, the video... :*) Babies are such a priceless gift. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hug and squeeze my little ones until they squeal!

HungryVampire said...

That was incredible! Beautiful song w beautiful babies... Thank you for sharing!

uhyesplease said...

Awwwwww.... you guys!

Betti - thanks so much!!! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you thought of me - and my calling. I can't call it a job, because being a doula is so much more than that. It truly is what I'm called to do. What a beautiful song too - you know I'm big fan. :)

Honolulu girl - That was brilliant! I loved it!

Sorry this sounds so low key, but I'm so touched by all of this!


itsjustme121799 said...

The song and vid are just beautiful! I shall try and think of something I could do for you.

One Pushy Fox said...

Betti - beautiful song and a perfect pick for UYP.

Honolulu Girl - great job on the video, I can't wait to see the button you get for this fantastic video!

Mrs. Robward said...

Betti, your song, was just wow. I held back tears just b/c I am so not in the mood to cry, but babies, they hold a special place in my heart =]

Then the video! Awesomeness! She did a wonderful job!

Beautiful ladies!